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Scope or Passion on Fiverr?

What should we choose to use Fiverr?

We should go for scope (High Selling Skills) or should go for Passion (What we love to do)?

Awaiting for suggestions, guidelines recommendations. :smiley:


Personally, I go for both with what I offer in my gigs. My passion is literary fiction writing, but I offer gigs in romance (my best selling), fantasy, and fanfiction. I also sell a good number of book blurbs even though I’ve no true interest in the art.

In addition to that, I used to offer adult website content and children’s stories. While I made good money doing those, the medium was not my favorite, and I couldn’t get into it. Because of this, I don’t offer them anymore.

If you can do a skill well, make good money doing it, and not hate your life while you’re doing, it might be worth offering a gig for it.


Mine too! However, I write grotesque horror with a touch of sci-fi.

Scope. History has made it clear that anyone who works for passion will go insane and cut one of their own ears off. Either that or get lynched and nailed to something.


Great point! When I’m less passionate about something, I’m also less likely to go crazy over it. A lot of my clients enjoy cliché romance. Sometimes, when I’ll try to make it less cliché, they ask for it to be revised to be more cliché. If writing romance was something I was really into, it would pain me to have to depreciate a story like that. But because it’s not my niche of choice anyway, I find the revisions a bit easier to bear (though having work butchered is never fun).