Scottish and American Comedy with a cute kid!


Hi folks

John and myself have made up a new gig… since we work together doing online comedy commentary we thought this would be a good idea. Besides John’s daughter is by far the cutest wee thing ever. Check out our gig video!


God I love scottish accent! - it’s so raw, and it’s almost music to my ears :smiley: Everytime I see a movie that has a scottish actor in it, I go like crazy - I just love the accent, can’t explain why… I just do :smiley:

I wish I were scottish so that I can listen to myself all day long…


Reply to @madmoo: yeah, that’s exactly the fun of it :smiley:


Im guessing you love Gerard Butler then Woofy?

thanks for the positive comments guys. Appreciated.

Infact I just released a new video, with more scottish accents in it! Mainly english ones though.

See here


Reply to @wolfstarpicture: yeah, that’s exactly who I was thinking of when I wrote it: Gerard Butler! God I love his accent (is that bad since I’m a guy?)

But I also equally love Robert Carlyle, William Connolly, and the list goes on and on!


Reply to @madmoo: yeah, William “Billy” Connolly, who else? :stuck_out_tongue:


Why am I not scottish? :((


(off topic: did you guys see Google’s logo? it’s a fun little game that you can play, and it’s addictive :D)

[later edit: from the lack of responses on the forum, I guess everyone’s playing the game as we speak]


Now that was adorable!


Reply to @madmoo: yeah, cold, but the accent of all the people talking around me would warm me up in an instant :smiley:

(I have to become a scottish… I need to! googling as we speak: “I want to become scottish” and the first result seems to be this yahoo answer topic: “Help! I want to be scottish!?” :)) so there are more like me in this world after all :D)


John (the guy talking in my gig) is getting married in october so we have vowed our profits from youtube/fiverr are going straight to the “get costas to usa fund” so i can see my buddy get married.

Well Woofy i’ll make a deal with ya.

because Wolf Star Pictures is fairly young (i’ve only just started to register it as a LTD company) it means my funds are limited and go to one place only, re-investment which also means i can’t buy anything recreational at all just now lol.

When my clients both outside and inside fiverr pick up and more sales come in and I get bigger, I promise you I will be having one awesome scottish party.

You and my other friends on fiverr will all be invited to spend a nice weekend or week in scotland.


Reply to @wolfstarpicture: thanks so much for the invite, I totally appreciate it! But as much as I’d wish to come, it’s not possible for me for so many reasons :frowning: But I’m offering my place to one of the top members in this forum :smiley:


Reply to @madmoo: oh, the kilt! but got nothing against wearing one :smiley:


Reply to @madmoo: YEAAAH! although I wonder: isn’t it cold “downstairs” for them? I mean, very cold weather + kilts with nothing underneath = ? :)) I guess only wolfstarpicture can answer this one :stuck_out_tongue:


(It happens more than you think) whenever a girl asks if me if it’s cold down there I usually reply, yes… now warm it up for me will ya? :wink:



Reply to @wolfstarpicture: =))