Scottish Commentary gig


Hi everyone

My first commentary gig is now up

Could I get some feedback and criticism on this if possible please?

Cheers :smiley:


Welcome and great luck with this gig in 2013


Thanks for the feedback guys!

Awww lucky for me I grew up with it! Id be happy to do a birthday wish or occasion wish for one of your sons/daughters or grand children (if you have any) for free as a thank you :slight_smile:

Professional doesn’t look professional when the P is capitalised? It’s common knowledge though especially in SEO and presentation capitalising first letters of a title or slogan enhances it’s presence

thanks for pointing out “get’s” it’s been corrected.

Telephony grammar and spelling is correct :S

I got my first order a few days ago… to wish some girl happy birthday from her friend acting the voice of her favourite book character which was a scottish book… I had to do some background work on the character to find out what he sound like but overall good success, she was very happy.

Shame when using mp3 as delivered work it won’t show as a sample video unless you do MPG.

wolfstarpicture said: Shame when using mp3 as delivered work it won't show as a sample video unless you do MPG.

Why don't you do just that. Deliver 2 files. One is your actual mp3 file. The other one a video file, with just an image (in this case the character from the book?) and an embedded mp3 that you did. This video will act as your sample work :)


And oh… ‘professional’ is spelt with double S and not double F… right? :-??


“I will record a Genuine Scottish Proffesional or Comedy Style Voice” not very professional but in his defense if that is him in the video snapshot on the gig, WHAT A CUTIE!


OMG!!! I though I changed it! So sorry :frowning:

In my defense… christmas and new year, been so out of focus and rushed.

How was the acting in the intro video?

With the sale I did acting as a book character, the buyer sent me this message (who got it as a birthday gift to her friend)

"Erika left this message left on my machine:

“You are The BEST! You are the BEST! I just had Jamie Fraser wish me a happy birthday! How did you do that?!?”“

I’m quite happy at that lol.

Facebook geek, yeah great idea, i did think of that but only in a slightly different way (having one and not the other) your way by having both answers both problems.

Reply to @tn5rr2012: Thanks Tn5rr2012 :”>

I sent you a message about your blog