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Scrammers in Fiverr

Hello everyone I’m new in fiverr. I not very happy of Fiverr. In this month I made two orders 2 different buyers. Both buyers demanded changes that I think are not legitimize. I think that buyers take possession of the files and with excuses do not pay the service provided and asking to change the job done for not close the order. What do you think?

Sorry I couldn’t exactly get your point. Can you please correct the grammatical mistakes?

That’s been discussed a lot in these forums. I think you meant scammers, not scrammers.

Hmmm “scrammers”. Wasn’t that the name of a cereal back in the 70’s?

Scrammer: a buyer who gets free work.

Must be Latin.

It’s because so many sellers allow buyers to do this, they will try it with everyone. I never cancel orders because of threats, and if I get a negative review I will take it to CS if it is unfair. All sellers who cancel to avoid a negative review are the cause of this problem and it will get worse as we go along unless we change that mentality.
If sellers refuse to cancel every time a negative review is threatened, then the power is taken away from the buyers and the threats will become less. You don’t get this problem on any other freelance site that I work on (3 others) and it should not happen here.

The concept is clear, excuse mi for some error, I am spanish

Very good answer, thanks a lot