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ScrapeBox or GScraper tasks for $5

I will do Scrapebox tasks for you, I have two strong dedicated server (1Gbit Connection, 12 GB RAM, XEON) and a lot of private proxies.

I can do:

Fast Poster

Slow Poster

Check Links

scrape youtube URL’s


Harvest URL’s

Scrape Keywords

RSS Submissions

Check your backlinks

Scrape Articles

Index your links

Check outbound links

etc etc.

every thing you can do with ScrapeBox/GScraper!

You only have to provide me the task and the file to load into Scrapebox/Gscraper.

Note: For big/very time consuming tasks like scraping/posting 100.000 or more links, please make sure to buy the Gig Extra “big/very time consuming task”.

One task per gig.

No email scraping at the moment!