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😱 Tag Update


After an hour deciding on the best ones, I updated all my gigs last night in anticipation of the upcoming search algorithm change.

This morning was normal but then it got real quiet this afternoon. Hopefully everyone is just enjoying their Friday!

UPDATE :sweat_smile:
All of them are back this morning. Thanks to all of you who checked!

By the way, this is something I found out during my tag research yesterday:

Do NOT use multiple forms of the same tag. Example: “proofreading” and “proofread” give the exact same number of results (5,745 for both). Hope that helps someone :slight_smile:


We shall hope phor tha best!


Please keep us posted about any changes you experience. :slight_smile:


Thanks both of you, I will :slight_smile:


Keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle until it comes to a complete stop.

And let us know how it goes :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:


Your in-depth proofreading gig is on the second line of results when I search “Proofreading”. :slight_smile:


Thanks for looking! I’m still waiting for my main gig to appear, the others seem to be fine now :slight_smile:


Have the ones showing moved up in the rankings?


They have moved up since last night but overall I think the positions are where they used to be (although I never really tracked my ranking, I just went by gig stats) :slight_smile: