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Screaming for help: I need some suggestions and motivation on how to improve my gig

OK, the time has come to scream for help. so HEEELP.

it has been more than 15 months that I am on fiverr, I got to level 2 and everything just stopped after. Everything went to silence when fiver decided to change completely the algorithm. It has been 3-4 months and things are getting pretty complicated.

Since then, nothing I do seems to work. I have changed the gig in milion different ways, I’ve included video and everything, but still, I dont get beyond 20-30 impressions per day, sometimes going down to few impressions (according to the new analytics page).

So please if anyone has anything to sugggest on how to improve anything inside my gig or offer, I will be really greatful:

Good thing from this experience is that I am pushed away to look for my luck outside of fiverr, so I continued to develop my business and diversify.

But still, what went wrong, fiverr??

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Just looking over your gig quickly, it definitely doesn’t seem to be an issue with your work - your video reel is excellent, I get a good feel for your talents in a short period of time and it isn’t over-the-top.

Have you thought about trying to target a specific niche with a separate gig? I know it might sound a little silly, but a gig appealing specifically to a very niche buyer (e.g. real estate videos, YouTube channel intros, etc) may help you break through the clutter and get more eyes on your gigs.


Thanks a lot for your input @thatwordchick. For me, “music for animation” is my niche, and it works well, once those impressions start going up. I will try to think of some other ways of identifying more specific niches. Eventhough I tried few but it didnt work.

From my experience, and judging from my previous clients, it is important that your impressions go high, and then, in my case, people from a lot of different niches start contacting me. The trick is how to get those impressions go up.

If I could only figure out how people are searching for music on fiverr (I think its a type of question we all ask ourselves :slight_smile:

Bear in mind too that finding clients on Fiverr is like fishing in the same fishbowl as potentially 100s or even 1000s of others, all with the same fishing pole. Your ultimate goal is to find people that need your services - getting the onto/through Fiverr can come after that, as a means to an end.

Are you, for example, advertising on Twitter with relevant hashtags? It’s free, only takes a minute or two a day, and gets your name out there. Follow some big-name animators; even if they can’t use your work, aspiring animators are following them that, conversely, may need exactly what you have.

Are you using words that would hone in on your target audience? Where are new/budding animators living online? Where are they putting their raw work, where are they discussing which tools they use to animate? Reddit, other message boards, etc? Get involved in those conversations, toss out some free advice that doesn’t necessarily empower them to do what you do, but shows you have authority in the subject.

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Maybe you could do another gig just for foley, another for mixing, another for mastering, another for music transcription, etc. the list goes on, as @thatwordchick said, target a specific niche.

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Thats a very useful advice for doing online business and must be the best way to go, I’ve always thought the same and its my next step. But if I invest all that energy for finding clients outside fiverr, I might as well do my business completely on my own without ever passing through fiverr. This is important what you are saying, and its difficult for me to make that switch. If fiverr is only a means to get payed, and its not proposing you to inside fiverr clients, there is no point being on fiverr.

Unless if by bringing clients from outside fiverr, you’ll rank better for inside fiverr clients? Do you have any experience to confirm if the algorithm ranks you better when you bring outside clients?

Yes, thanks, tried them all, but composition is my thing. I need to look for sub-niches in that niche :slight_smile:

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