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Screen shots

for any CS.

If I’d like to validate something for people talking smack or being rude, etc am I allowed to screenshot people stuff from my account with there names and what they said and purhased and so forth if I ask their permission to post it here and they agree?

Like the inboc area of conversation or purchase and comment type things nothing overly personal, just to put soeone in their place Really quick?


Oh and another question :

Say I am not suppose to do the above requested and that’s your answer, cause I realize how it could be a touchy thing after i thought about it a second, but regardless, say I go ahead did it anyways, what would happen? I need to know that too. I have something important to express. As an example to make, for those that spew hate or negative insinuation or unhelpful remarks and discrediting statement, even to comments that don’t even have anything to do with them or invite them or even address them or a topic involving them, they just down right want to say something rude. When something was directed at a unique group of individuals and the forum was used to maintain policy for that communication, and so as to not have to deal with a limited text box in Inboxing the people it was meant for. I really would like to show some screenshots and I promise they will not include anything that could like expose anyone’s personal info of the buyers/people the screenshots include, just to validate something elsewhere, that someone imposed as a discredit to my post to those people. Let me know please, I think it prudent for it to be seen based on a discrediting comment made to me, that won’t mention here, but I think person should be held accountable for speaking in such a way, and these screenshots would further prove, being rude like that can backfire, and it would cut back on it overall on the forums. So let me know…


Hi, sorry to hear about your trouble, but CS doesn’t read the forum.

The general rule is that it isn’t allowed to call out other users in the forums. I’ve seen people post screenshots, but with the removed names of the users. If you break this rule, forum mods will remove the names of the users, and if you keep breaking rules, you could get banned from the forum.

If you have problems with some users, the best thing to do is to report them to Customer Support by submitting a ticket to them. Send the screenshots to them. It’s not allowed to harass people or to be rude to them, so CS will certainly help you.

Reply to @catwriter: Well thx, good to know.