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Screenshots can be satisfying. A rant and a ramble, 2 for the price of 1

I left a 3-star review for a buyer who left me a 4-star review. This was in truth due to their encouraging me to cancel, as well as an enormobrief of approx 5,000 words for a 100 word trial. For their client. Happy with my writing, unhappy with the results. They also gave me a choice of 3 things to write! Can you see where the problem might have arised, kiddies?

They must have noticed, as they modified their initial review to something about how offensive my writing was (still 4-stars!) rather than blowing readers out of the water. This kind of irritated me as it was the first time it was mentioned. So I had the old review still up… and now I’ve Imgured it and posted it on the review with my own new review. :hankey: (emojis on forum plz).

Another buyer also told me that someone had copied my gig so I went and shouted at them (stolen pic of Danish pastor, “lives in the USA”, terrible English etc). and they’ve semi-removed it. And they named himself after a recently expired pope (worry not, Pope Nazi is still with us and has a book to flog about being terrorized by the “gay lobby” at the Vatican).

Finally: have you guys seen the insane “other” category in the marketplace? The one right at the end. Thar be dumb dragons. It’s a work of art, if art was made by people who can’t tie up their shoelaces, never mind operate a computer.

I dunno, maybe it was a joke. But I still don’t understand why anyone would think that 25USD/40AUD was a “top dollar” price for a trial which you’re basically using to get cheap work for your client. And the brief was full of spelling mistakes which I decided not to tell you about if you read this. Seriously, sort it out mate. Look at your own tagline suggestions and mood suggestions. I was pitch perfect on those. If you meant me to focus on some other part of your 5,000 word brief, BE MORE BLOODY CONCISE AND SAY IT and save us this bloody song and dance.


It´s good you made the screenshot of the old review. So actually the buyer got a very big discount for that trial. I mean, he paid $40 for 5000 words while actually the real price should be $1250.

No! He paid 25 USD (+ fees = around 40 AUD) for 100 words. The brief, avatar and messages all totalled around 5000 words. It was excessive for the task at hand, and the waters were further muddied by having a choice of things to write about.

5000 words would be in the $1300–400 range.

He’s making a big song and dance out of top dollar when it really wasn’t–and I do not appreciate the $40AUD white lie in his favor, nor the made up “offensiveness”. I have half a mind to contact the client to let them know how their own “top dollar” is being spent.

EDIT: since some of you are probably wondering, no, nobody has ever ordered 5000 words off me. The pricing is exorbitant for Fiverr! I don’t want to write that much for one person in one piece anyway.

I s*ck at math :smiley:

Yeah, some buyers like to act like a king. It seems to me he wanted to put the blame on you, but he failed miserably.


She already told you that a number of times! It is okay to listen to her. She gave you the advice because she knows you are good and you deserve it. Up to you though :smiley:

I’m currently looking at my gigs which can have packages and trying to figure it out. Have extras been phased out or something? I did some research earlier and on a lot of gig it’s just 3 packages and maybe a wordcout calculator (which I approve of). Either way, base prices are going up. $5 ain’t worth shit here.

I should probably start a post on it. It’ll make a change from the OMG EMOJIS/BR IS AWFUL posts

and yes, put your bloody prices up. Let the people who can barely mime never mind write English be the $5 offers.

Yes putting up your prices is a way to slow down your workload and get the respect – in terms of income-- you deserve.