Search Engine listings (High Rating)


I don’t know about you but I am totally confused by the search engine rating system. I have a top selling gig. Have been on Fiverr for over three years with over 5,000 rave reviews. Unfortunately I have seen other gigs in my category jump ahead of me in the “High Rating” listings despite the fact they are not top sellers or have not been on Fiverr nearly as long. Also they are not featured sellers. Does anyone have any idea why this happens? Today I have just noticed my gig dropped another position. I am really angry about this. There is no reason for it!


I also have a 100% rating but there are gigs ahead of me with lower rating when I change the search filter to “High Rating” I guess their filter isn’t working properly because there are dozens of gigs ahead of me with less gigs, less rating and less time on Fiverr.


I have noticed this also. I have not been able to find the experienced professional designer I am looking for. I have spent hours scanning through "New Arrival"s and sellers with less than 5 feedbacks. I would prefer someone with at least 100 feedbacks but so far not much has shown up and I know there are plenty here but hard to find now.


Yes, I have noticed and commented on the same issue. I have e-mailed customer support on three occasions with the same response. The editor’s are continually searching for unique, innovative gigs. Fiverr refuses to address the issue.


i have this problem also :frowning: :frowning:


Once you figure out how this works please let us all know. Every time I feel I have got my head around this, it seems to change!