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Search Engine on BR page not working

When you are on Buyers Requests page search engine helps a lot to filter the results you want/need.

This function is not working for me (app/browsers).

I really miss and need this feature is that a bug?

I know there is some more people with same problem.


Thak you! :slight_smile:

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Yes, I created topic about this and I’ve reported to staff. Initially they were not seeing the bug, but I then sent a video from mobile (yesterday) and they said they will report to the tech team and report to me when a solution was found.

And today I sent them a report about the desktop problem, and initially they were telling that it was all ok with my account, that it was a cache issue, bla bla bla… So I stop talking and make a video explaining it, and then they said they reported to the tech team.

So now we just need to wait.

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Thank you so much for answering :slight_smile:

Jesus i miss this function so bad. My life used to be so easy with search engine :confused:

Well lets wait then. Hope it doesn’t take long :smirk:

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Me too… very hard to filter the good ones.

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I too am having problems with the search function within buyer requests. Whenever you try and search for a specific key word or title, it returns you to the same page you started from. Displaying no search results whatsoever.

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