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Search feature in the buyer request section is NOT working


It seems that the search feature in the buyer request section is NOT working. It does not filter the requests by keyword.

The returning requests for every keyword is same. I have searched with different keywords but returning result is same for all keywords.

The funny part is that the same result is retrieved when I search by my name…

Is anyone of you are facing same issue?

CS said everything is fine and working.

Same for me, I’ve tried a few times with different search terms for the past 3 days, including right now, it doesn’t work.

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I had reported this exact same bug to Fiverr support about a month ago (so… may be the same day you reported the bug here). There has not been any fix or update for this issue yet. This was the number 1 feature that I used everyday and its not working since a month.

What else can we do so that the Fiverr support looks into this matter soon?

@mumar1991 @miiila


Hi @signature19 You are right, it is about month the search feature is not working. I have contacted CS again on this issue. Here is the reply from support team.

We’re sorry for the inconvenience. We’re aware of this and our technical team is working on resolving it. Thank you for your patience and your understanding while they are working on it.

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Having the same issue

I just noticed it today…

I don’t think anyone from the development team is assigned to fix this issue.

@jdpremium Please contact CS so that they fix this issue.