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Hello , i was looking for a wordpress developer, but it was very difficult, because everybody who is able to click into a pagebuilder, seems to be a developer. I found someone with just 4 gigs, but he has 2 wordpress certificates(wordpress core team member ), but why the search on fiverr does not include University and certifications. ? Thanks


There aren’t any checks done on claimed qualifications - can you imagine the time and expense that would take?

I assume that’s why it’s not searchable - I could claim to have a degree in brain surgery, but as it hasn’t been checked and verified, there’s no point in having a filter for it.


There aren’t any identity checks at all, you can name yourself however you want you can swap gender, who cares but that’s not my point. :smiley:


There’ no point in filtering by something that isn’t proven - like location, seller level etc.

Qualifications aren’t proven, only claimed.


There is no point for making such an assumption, but thanks for your ranting :joy:


I wasn’t ranting at all. :slightly_smiling_face:

I can understand what you’re saying - a search based in qualifications would indeed be useful, but not if those qualifications aren’t verified by Fiverr.


Good, then explain why are you allways talking about verification when i am talking about a simple search ability of a field in a profile . Are you the fivrr backend guy who is responsible for the search ? :smile::rofl:


For the last time - there is no point in including anything in the search which hasn’t been proven/verified by Fiverr, as anybody can make anything up that they want.

That’s why search filters are based on known features/factors, not those that are simply ‘claimed’.


Maybe read the responses to the question you posted, instead of attacking the person who is trying to help?


You’re giving offlinehelpers quite the run for her money in making assumptions, she’s a seller and buyer like almost all of us on the forum, trying to help each other, answer questions, etc., and, not a guy but a lady. :wink:


You should contact Customer Support then instead of posting in the forum.

And no, @offlinehelpers is not trolling you.


They have started with ID checks, actually, it’s in the info pages too by now.

Also, whatever offlinehelpers is or not is, she is still not a he.

Oh, there’s a Site Suggestions category on the forum, if you post your inquiry there, chances it gets read by staff are better if you don’t want to directly contact support about it, which probably is the most effective way to get an ‘official’ reply/inspire changes, though.


Thanks, i will take your advice into consideration, sorry i have also a female side. :innocent:


I offered a reasonable explanation as to why a search by certification/qualification isn’t currently feasible and you call me names - nice. :frowning:

@frank_d and @miiila Thank you for being so reasonable BTW. :sunny::sunny: