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Search function only looking at headline description?

HI. I’ve only just put myself on Fiverr, but I’m a little confused about the search functionality for buyers.

I kept on searching for myself under the tags I had given my gig - but I didn’t appear. But when I typed in words I had put in my gig description - the one that starts “I will…(etc)”, I did appear.

So I am correct in saying that the search function only searches on your gig description?

If that’s the case then what’s the point of the tags? It also limits you coming up in searches a huge amount.

If someone could clarify - maybe I’ve set something up wrong in my profile - that woule be great.


No one knows the algorithm. This is the first I’ve heard of tags not working at all, however.
Image editing is one of the hyper-competitive categories here on Fiverr, so the the tags for these gigs are very common, and it’s reasonable to assume that the more a tag is used the less effective it is.

Noticed you have a non-approved URL in your FAQs.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

I’m not sure I go with your logic about tags being used more therefore they are less effective. Everything that’s tagged should appear. And that goes not just for key words, but also (say) what formats you offer or your global location if you used the filters in the seach dialogue.

I’m not talking about the order in which you appear - just that you appear at all.

So at present I don’t see how anyone is going to find my gig, unless as I say, I put common search terms in my description, which is going to be a little awkard / limiting.

As for WeTransfer - I’d read many conversations with others using it or dropbox. I not sure what the issue is as far as Receiving source material is. I can see an issue in delivering material to the client could be as I presume fiveer’s mechanism for approval / payment and client portfolio generation is all tied together.

If fiveer can happily upload (say) a 500Mb file, then it’s not an issue. But if that is an issue, is there an alternative?


Ah, I didn’t realize WeTransfer was a dropbox service. Still, it’s letting people know how to contact you off of Fiverr, before the necessity occurs. It’s possible for people to bypass Fiverr since the info@ 1staidphoto. com is plainly visible. Saying the option is available without giving the @ should be plenty. If they need to use the service, you can give the information at that time.

As for the ‘appear at all’, I do know what you mean, as one of my gigs is invisible in its category. I still get impressions, though, so I know it’s showing up for other searches.

As for effectiveness. There’s many who claim that anything in a search after page 25 is just recycled from the first 25 pages. I have not verified this myself, however.

Little bit confusing topic. You will get lots of resources in this forum but no one can give you 100% guarantee about this point.

Imagination -

Yes, good point about the when of discussing alterntive delivery methods. I will take your lead on that.

I’m not sure if I’ve seen past 25 pages of searches, but it’s worrying that one of your gigs is appearing in other searches but not its own category. Maybe there is something not quite right in the database system that’s being used - or how the database is being searched.

Does fiveer have a proper bug / ticketing system tha users have access to?



Well there are two topics - not ideal, but they aren’t confusing, at least to me.

Topic 1

Why when I try to use all of the expected ways to find my gig using the search function do I not find it?

Topic 2

If you need to get large files from a Buyer, can fiveer handle large files, say around 500mb in size, and if not, can they use a service like WeTransfer?

If no one can answer these questions from the community, there should be very straight answers from the platform admin people. Terms of service may point toward point 2 (which Imagination has made an excellent point on), but point 1, which is vital in a platform that is both advocate and agent for freelancers, should not be any kind of mystery, and if changed in terms of methodology, should be flagged. Or, as I’ve just said, it could be plain coding bugs, and if they have a process for reporting bugs, it would be great if they encourage its use.

“Gig positions are not permanent and can rotate on a daily basis.”

This can be found here, under Gig Status, in the second drop-down.

Hi Imagination

Yes, if I was worried about position, this article answers my question.

But I’m not asking that question.

Why are we not appearing on searches that they say we should be in the instructions under 'Gig Status"?

By all means promote people based on success, client response etc. But not appear at all? Yes, promoting yourself outside the fiveer platform is vital - and encouraged by the platform. But if you see an ad for fiveer and get intrigued, you’re only using fiveer’s system.

Now you can argue that if you use Google or YouTube etc. you get served up what the platform wants you to see (or what it’s trained to think it wants you to see) - seeing all the alternatives just isn’t going to happen. But on fiveer, with a few filters applied, you should be able to find anyone on the system, whatever their ranking. If you want ranking as part of your search criteria - fair enough.

But to not appear at all - except when you type in words from your gig intro?

Again, that can’t be right. [Unless I am missing something - and the FAQ you sent me doesn’t shed any light on it.]


I was attempting to show that there is something, even if that something isn’t very clear. I’ll admit I have not read every article in the Seller’s Help Center (and even fewer articles in the Buyers Help Center), so it is possible that I just haven’t found the answer yet.

Still, you make a very valid point, and the simple answer is: I don’t know. I’ll fully and willingly admit that there are plenty of forum members that have been here longer than I have, though, and just because I cannot answer this question, doesn’t mean there is no answer.

Hi Imagination

Thanks for the pointing me in some kind of direction - my issue is with the site not being transparent, or perhaps hard to find in terms of certain answers. Support, especially with a growing site, is difficult, which is why forums are created, to take the load of platform technical support.

It can be done well though - with either Admin or platform-promoted users being forum editors who can provide answers to questions that will affect everyone. And who look to see whether platform FAQa are actually addressing day-to-day concerns of users.

I’ll look further and see if there’s an answer elsewhere.

The tags, title, description and package descriptions should all contain your keywords. Using tags that don’t appear anywhere else in your profile/gig will consign your gig to the very end page of search results …

I had a similar situation to yours - however, the gig I created was in a new category that didn’t have a lot of competition. After 2 weeks of publishing it and Fiverr Status Tool saying it was ‘active’, while its statistics were pretty much all zeros, I went ahead and tried to search my gig. Of course, I couldn’t find it anywhere. It was not under the filters I had chosen nor in the Newest Arrivals (where it was supposed to be).

Then I contacted CS, waited a couple of days and got a copy and paste reply that had nothing to do with what I was asking. I was not asking about ranks or the status of my gig (which was pretty much all the CS agent’s response said). I tried again and sent another message, being more straight to the point. Got assigned to another agent and they replied back just saying that “my gig had been reviewed by their Editorial Team and it was now up and available on the Fiverr platform”. No explanation as to why it wasn’t showing before. If it was a bug or not. Nothing. Just that it was now fixed, and it actually was, so I didn’t dig further. I was just happy that my gig was finally searchable! :raised_hands:t2:

So maybe try contacting them. Just don’t expect a thorough answer and be aware that you’ll probably get some copy and paste replies along the way :woman_shrugging:t2:

In my experience the first thing to do when gig does not appear in search is to check whether it is “search active” here

If so, you would get this

If not, you want to contact CS to reindex the gig so that it is searchable again. It is the first precondition that gig can be found on platform.

But to the point, I believe there is no reliable answer how Fiverr search engine works anywhere here in forum. I mean the staff with tags vs gig title vs gig description etc… It is try and error game in my case.

Hi Virginiabg

Thanks for your experience, rubbish that you had to go to such lengths to fix something and then no explanation.

I may try the same route (with low expectations!)

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HI Blavaro

Thanks for the advice.

Well as I said, my gig does appear if I put in terms from my description. Just not a lot else! Tags, category etc.

As with my previous answer, I’ll do some more investigating and hope to resolve it.