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Search Is Fundamentally Flawed?

First post. Would like to know if other people experience this, or if this is a ‘known’ thing.

I’m finding that search in Fiverr is flawed, almost to the point of being utterly un-useful. Let me give you our example.

Now to be clear, we rank on the first page for this term - so this isn’t a moan ‘as such’. Yes it would be great if we were ranking higher, and this is why I find the below so frustrating.

I search for the term ‘British Female Voice Over’. You would think, as a human reading that phrase, that I’m looking for someone who can provide me with a British Female Voice Over right?


Yet when I search, I find a bunch of correct results, but within them (some as high ranking as number 3!) I find Dutch, Turkish, Italian, Norwegian and SEVERAL male results. And not a ‘we offer Female but also offer Male’ type gig… These are LITERALLY guys who probably want their gigs to appear in the correct search results too! Surely they can’t be getting traffic from showing up in a female voice over search?

Now, forget that we’re trying to rank our British Female Voice Over gig for a moment. As I say, we’re on the front page anyway, so it’s not so much about that. But as a buyer, surely this is a TERRIBLE user experience? Google understands that giving people what they want as quickly and accurately as possible is key, and for this term at least, I can only imagine that Buyers are having an awful experience. You can basically disregard half of the first page of results as irrelevant. If I was shopping for a logo, and found that 50% of the results on the first page were for menu design, I’d probably leave the site and go look elsewhere.

Am I the only one seeing this? What’s the experience like in your niche? And does anyone know if this is a bug/glitch or something that Fiverr are/should be aware of? I did search, but couldn’t see anything recent that this was specific.

This situation is normal, as far as I have observed as a seller on Fiverr. I used to search for gigs related to my services to find what’s there in the market. Some gigs I got right, and then there were also others which were a bit irrelevant.
This in part happens because Fiverr asks their sellers to define their gigs better using the tools it has given to them, so their gigs can be shown to the relevant buyer for the relevant purpose. And so it’s kind of expected that all sellers can cater to the guidelines. Of course, I don’t think all the sellers for a particular service, in this case voiceovers would be setting their gigs to define their gigs better. And that might be leading you to the kind of results you found.
There are some checks that I can suggest you to find better results.

  1. Now that you have searched ‘british female voice over’ , try using the drop down menu on the top right where you see the options " relevance" , “avg customer review” or “newest arrivals”. Try to toggle them and look for results for a couple of pages for each option. I think the “relevance” one might help you figure out. (This step is when you are using the Fiverr website. It works that way only)
  2. Or try using the options on the left that mention categories or seller levels or some other criteria that Fiverr is showing you for voiceovers. Try combination of things thay work for you by ticking the ones that are relevant. That’s will make Fiverr narrow down the search for you. Hopefully you’ll find the gigs you want.
    If you tried these two steps already then this is final one I can suggest.
  3. Put your requirement in the buyers request. You can see this by clicking ‘post a request’ , available in the website under the buying tab and directly on your Fiverr profile. But yes be a bit detailed and try to put a request that people can understand. That’s because this request will be shown to relevant seller community from which you will get offers for the job. Then you can pick up the offer that seems relevant and start off with the work. Oh and besides there are lot of voiceover people on this forum itself. You can have a chat with them too.

I hope this helped you.

Thanks for the reply - although I think you’ve misunderstood my post slightly.

I’m not a buyer - I’m a seller, and I’m using this to see how well I rank for the term I want to rank for.

I understand your point with regard to things like the filters on the left… But those should be in place to narrow down an already good list of results. The whole point of a search engine is - type in what you want - hit Enter - get pretty much what you’re looking for. Use filters if you need to in order to narrow things down. And buyers shouldn’t have to post custom gigs every time. This would just prove that searching is flawed. If I’m a buyer, I want the front page to be FULL of relevant gigs for me to choose from.

I’m seeing search results that are 50% wrong right from the off. Was curious about whether others are experiencing the same in their niche.

Oh yes I figured out that you were a buyer after I submitted the reply. Lol.
Well, this is not something new, the search is yet to become good enough for showing relevant gigs to relevant buyers. This reminds me of a freelancer’s blog on Fiverr , (maybe) there it was mentioned that Fiverr’s search engine doesn’t work like Google search engine at all. Where on one hand if you were to type ‘real estate newsletters’ on Google, you would get results associated to those words. On the other hand Fiverr will show you results for real, estate and newsletters , all in one page. Now you can imagine there’s going to be a variety in the results presented by the system. I think that itself accounts for the difference.
And then, you can extend the same logic for as many niches as there are on Fiverr.

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Yeah, that does make a lot of sense. I’d wondered if the term ‘British Female Voice Over’ would even pick up ‘Male Voice Over’ as it’s part of the word ‘female’? All conjecture obviously…

I just can’t help but think that fixing this would be something beneficial for Fiverr just as much as it’s sellers. Surely a marketplace like this lives and dies from it’s ability to pair buyers with the people who can actually provide the service they require. You can debate over the algorithm all day long, but ultimately if I search for ‘blue pen’ and a search engine shows me blue pens, red pens, green pens, black pens and even some pencils for good measure, the search function is broken, even if it does TECHNICALLY show me what I asked for.

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Oh yeah, that kind of search result won’t be welcome for sure :stuck_out_tongue:.
Let’s see, something good will come out in the coming months. Many things are cooking up with the workforce and teams at Fiverr. Fiverr pro is a topic that’s recently gone hot in the forum.

It’s a known issue and there have been several threads created regarding this matter.

Fiverr introduced a new algorithm change several weeks ago which would be targeting the use of keywords one uses for their gig. I’m not sure when it’ll fully be dependable on tags, however, Fiverr is definitely aware of this issue.

Fortunately, my niche isn’t affected by this.