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Search languages for Translations is so bad

I have a lot of translation needs. It has been such a pain to try to start my searches “From Language” and “To Language”. the drop downs don´t work, there´s a variety of different non-working options. Instead of spending a a couple seconds narrowing down, for example “german to spanish” you have to spend maybe 10 minutes browsing all

I would post this as Feedback to tech support but have not seen anywhere to do that


I am sorry you are having so much trouble narrowing down your search for a translator. And, yes! You can and should report it to tech support. I think it would help improve the Fiverr experience for the future buyers. You can do that by going to-

and then you can select relevant fields such as-

“Report a Bug or Mobile Bug” :arrow_right: “Gig” :arrow_right: “Search and category issues”

… fill in the remaining fields and then submit your request.

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