Search list GIG showing same


Before 15-20 days ago when i search with the niche - Bulk email sender, that time i found my Gig on the top buyer, i always keep searching i always saw my gig on fist 1-10 but now i get my gig on the position 40-50 with the keyword- Bulk email sender
Probably when they changes an update with DIGITAL PROMOTION from that time I am getting fewer response. But before i get 5-15 message from unique buyers, but now i get 4-7 message of unique people.

Please kindly help.

My gig link: http://■■■■■■/2p91EEW
Search link: http://■■■■■■/2pTUeCL


Gig would be down for those cases like maximum cancellation rate, late delivery, late respenose etc


on time delivery rate decrease 5 and Orders Completed increase 4