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Search Option to find specific seller by name


Searching for seller name - I have tried to find a known seller by typing in their name and have never received a result.
It is much too long to search only by gig. I also doubt fiverr really has all these correctly categorized!??
Ie, second level seller for logo and specific language does not show my searched for seller.
Why do I need this? Because I use different accounts for different companies and therefore discover one designer through my other account and wish to find the same seller for my second account. Sorry to say I never found them. Also fiverr forbids contacting directly…so how the he… do I reach them?
Thanks for your consideration…:wink:


You’re only supposed to have one account, whether buyer or seller - in which case you’d find it easier to keep all your required sellers handy in your favourites.

You should be able to search by seller name, and you should also be able to filter by language etc.

If you’re struggling with any of the search/filter facilities, you can contact CS to ask for help - good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:


To find someone by name, just type the following in the browser - where USERNAME is the user’s name.


Actually, buyers can have multiple accounts under the team account feature.


I know that buyers can be added to teams, but they’re still only supposed to have one account? :thinking:


The team account feature is supposed to be used by groups, organizations or businesses where there is one bill payer account but other people using the funds. So for example, if I wanted to have a secretary who was able to order Fiverr gigs on my behalf but didnt want to give him my credit card or paypal access, I would add their Fiverr account into my team so they can use the set limit of funds I allow and nothing more.
It is not for a buyer to have multiple accounts.



just type the following in the browser - where


Incorrect. One account per person. Team accounts are not individual accounts. In fact, aren’t team accounts merely a collection of people working under one team account?

There are no valid reasons that allow a user to have more than one active account on Fiverr. This is clearly noted in the TOS.


very easy, thank you


In this case, the buyer has many accounts representing multiple companies and so it is a valid team according to fiverr.


Yes, and that’s exactly what this person is doing. S/he has multiple accounts representing various companies.


The purpose of team accounts is for one person to fund purchases being made by multiple people. Since this person is using the team account feature for various companies, this is a valid use of the team account feature.


But it’s not a second personal account. One account per person, so sayeth the TOS.


I control multiple accounts.

  1. for my employer
  2. for my company
    We hired a business consultant and he suggested a particular individual, but I have no way to find the guy. There is no team; two very different companies; two different boards; I just happen to work for one and own the other.


There isn’t a straightforward way to do this. Here’s how I find him. When you first login, on the very top there is a search bar. Type in the seller and hit enter. It’ll return a page that says nothing of the sort is found, but right underneath will be a link that says “Would you like to search user names for seller’s name?” Click on that and it’ll bring up his profile


If you want to search someone by username, on the top bar include the username and hit enter
like this:


You can also use the URL bar, will take you to the seller’s profile if you replace “username” with the seller’s name.

I hope OP did find out by now, though, as the thread is from last November. :slight_smile:

((Oops, Zaiba posted that already while I was still typing :smiley: ))


some of them you can find by google . if you didnot reach no one of your old client then its your bad luck. because you may not tried by google .just think how was his work and then go to this type of service related work people