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Hello All,
I am raising my hand with one request to Fiverr !

Why can’t we add SEARCH result option under BUYER REQUEST > SENT OFFERS section


Why am I asking this question - when one Buyer reaches you after few days by referring your SENT OFFER, you will be totally blank when he/she asks ‘What is your understanding about my requirement’.

In rush, you will forget which offer Buyer is talking about, because you must have responded many more request after that. And at this moment you are in really hurry to reply Buyer.

I feel, my justification is valid. Others…what you say ?


That would be helpful. It may be best if you change the category to “Fiverr Site Suggestions.” That way Fiver may see it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes you are on point :stuck_out_tongue: @datareward


I will do that, many thanks


Very well observed and correct solution posted. Finding that one buyers from the pool of 100s is not a joke. :grinning:


Thanks @vickiespencer - I did the changes


@ab_designer303 - Thanks for the support


Swati - thanks for your support…


Hello :slight_smile:

When it happens that someone messages and it seems to be about a BR I sent an offer to and I can’t remember, I have the buyer’s name from the message, so,

  • on desktop, I’ll open another window, go to BRs and click the “sent Offers” tab, then I can find the BR as well as the offer I sent;
  • or on the app, you can filter for “Offered” and can browse through all offers you sent by sweeping right.

A search option might be nice though, especially if you send lots of BRs, but maybe my suggestions work for some people, and some might not have noticed those options yet, so I hope that helps, at least as a workaround until maybe a search option will be implemented.


Thanks @miiila for your response. Appreciate your comments !

But it looks like manual intervention and scrolling ups and down out of N number of request :grinning:


Yeah, it works well for me but as I said, I can imagine a search function would be useful especially if you send a lot of offers to BR which I don’t.

Search functions are always great, I wish the one to filter BRs for keywords would work (again), or there was one to search all messages from a certain buyer for a keyword too. :slight_smile:

Oh, just in case you misunderstood me, you don’t have to scroll through n number of BRs, “only” through n number of requests you sent offers to.


I understand, I was referring my Sent Offers only.

This probably works for you being a Top Rated seller :slightly_smiling_face:
But for me like New Seller (yet to earn a level) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:, it matters a lot as our number of Sent Offer will be more.

However appreciate @miiila for all your response. I learned from you.


I’m only a TRS since last Sunday, though. :wink:


Hi @datareward ,

Actually, there is a much easier way. Even though there is no search function in the sent offers section of buyer requests, you never have to manually scroll through all the sent offers until you find the one you are looking for.

All web browsers nowadays come with an in-built search function (you can either use the button combination (Ctl + f) or the F3 button for most Windows-based browsers; it might be different for Safari or other OS browsers). So, all you have to do when a client suddenly messages you and asks:

is open a new tab and go to your sent offers page on Fiverr, use the (Ctrl + f) combo. or the F3 function and type in the Fiverr username of that client in the search box that appears in your browser. It will take you right to the offer that you had sent in response to the BR from that particular buyer. :slight_smile:

I hope you understood the procedure :+1:t2:


Hey @hanshuber16 - Thanks, I did all these tricks, apparently it will appear only if that Buyer result is listed in first page. Or else need to explore more record by clicking VIEW MORE.


Yes. If I am looking for a super old BR, I just keep the “page down” button pressed until I go to the bottom of the page and then press LOAD MORE. I repeat this cycle until I know for sure that I have scrolled past the BR offer I am interested in and then use the Ctrl + f or F3 option to search for it. :slight_smile: I know it is kinda cumbersome, but it is not too hard either.

This way, at least you don’t have to search through each individual offer sent until you find the one you’re looking for.


I understand, but do you support this demand ?:grinning:


Of course! However, if they implement such a feature, it should be able to display all BR offers which contain the particular keyword or username we’re searching for (and not just filter through the sent BR offers displayed on the first page :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ). It would be great if they implemented a search function such as the one we have on the forum. I really like it. :smiley:

Since no one had previously mentioned an easier way of going about finding a BR offer using the current interface, I thought I would suggest one. :slight_smile: