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did anybody know how the search result comes on fiverr, I think something is not 100% ordinary, but maybe before I post what I think, I should know how that exactly work, it search only in Gig TAGS or also in Description and Title?!

It is a mysterious algorithm that make the buyer’s experience extraordinary and creates more and more traffic each and every month to make Fiverr a better place for buyers. If it’s not a great place for buyers, there will not be any buyers on the site. Then It won’t matter what page my gig shows up on in the search! This concept is the foundation of almost every Rant on the forum. But you haven’t ranted yet.

Truth and Humor! Love Ya!

Reply to @landongrace: Interesting argument(More diversity, more novelty=> more clients). Never thought about it that way. Thanks for pointing that out.

is that normal that when I search exactly how my gig title is, that I got no result at all, and the mysterious algorithm dont show my Gig??? sorry I think something is wrong, like example on ebay if I have a product name: “red jacket with 100 knob”, and I search in ebay and give exactly “red jacket with 100 knob” and then the result come product not found, I will not say to that mysterious algorithm but an error???!!! :-?