Search result sorting by Sellers who are online


Currently search sorting on fiverr is by Recommended, High Rating and New . I think it would be great if fiverr also add sorting by sellers who are online because sometimes buyer may want to contact seller and want quick reply which will help both buyer and seller for fast communication. What is your opinion as seller or buyer please share here.


Let’s be honest, the most buyers, for me at least, are from US. I’m about 8 hours ahead. I can “be online” when I’m asleep but my average response time only gets bigger. So, I’m not sure this sorting would be beneficent for all of us.


Reply to @kjblynx: Yeah, those mobile devices are constantly transmitting their location wirelessly whereas our “stationary” computers are basically private unless settings are changed in our favorite browsers to allow location id without permission.


Reply to @ruxandradraws: Yeah but this would be beneficial for buyer and seller too because buyer send message to seller and i dont think buyer should wait for 8 hours and if i talk about my experience some times buyer makes order without confirming services which most of time leads to cancellation .

If not that i think there must be sorting by response time that would be really beneficial for all buyer seller and fiverr too.


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