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Search result - what is "Ad" and "Get it by"?


Hi, I am interested, what means Ad and Get it by on some gig profile description in search result?
Is it some new things or something else? I see it in Chrome browser.


Looks like Fiverr is testing new things.

The ad looks like a paid placement, and the “get it by” looks like it takes into account your deivery time and it gives the prospect an idea of how soon they can have their project delivered by.

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Thanks for the reply, so its just testing things :smiley:

I see it, too - the first row of gigs contains gig Ads.

Now, if some of you remember, a few months back Fiverr asked us to take a survey where one of the questions was something along the lines “would you be willing to pay to get exposure for your gig, and how much %?”.

I guess Fiverr brought back the paid promotion feature for gigs, which they already got rid of previously.