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Search results after change in gig


Hello there

I made a very minor changes in my title and price packages and since then (11 hours) my gig is not showing in search result. The gig is with more than 800 reviews.

I have done before changes in title and description, but this never happened to me (only if I change cover pictures)

So previous time when I changed title, it didnt take time to update in search results

Does this happened to you before as well?

I do hope everything gets back to normal, I wrote already to customer support. It is frustrating as I am losing orders this way…



That’s a very known issue. It can sometimes take a couple of days before it’s indexed again. If you are lucky, it’s back at the position it was before editing. If not, it will be somewhere in the middle of nowhere in results, on page 15+ or so.

I know a seller who’s gig has been there for over 2 years since editing it, and have seen lots of other best selling gigs as well on the very same page, even now. Only way to get out of there is to file a bug report. Sadly only some support agents take the time to investigate and restore the position. So for some it’s just copy paste “It’s normal, not a bug”.

So the best way to be safe: DO NOT EDIT YOUR GIG :scream: I know I won’t. Even pushing the edit button and changing nothing is apparently considered editing.


Thanks for the reply

yeah… I will know for future not to edit it…so frustrating…

I had before that kind of technical bug issue which they fixed… Still waiting for an anwer


Yeah, they can be nice and fix things. Usually they are too! Especially if you are nice to them.


Makes sense :slight_smile: Well, I will update here when I get an answer, fingers crossed


Same issue with me.
I check 50 pages but can find my GIG.



did you wrote them? Please let me know if you get an answer…

Does this happened after you edited the gig like me?


My issue have been fixed after contacting support :grinning:


Great … Have you Started Getting Order / Messages again ?? Is it back to Previous Position ?? And Lastly , What was the Message you Got from Customer Support when they fixed it ?


No,It is like 20 positions behind what it was :frowning: :frowning: Dont know the reason and I have no explanation…

I just could recommend to not edit your gigs, just because I edited it, it changed things to worse, however I am glad it is back


I did the Same thing & This is the BIGGEST REGRET of My Whole Life till now !!! Was Getting 10-15 Orders Daily & 10 Messages Daily from New Buyers But Don’t know what happened to me , i Edited the Gig & Since 4 Days there is No New Order & no New Message after i Edited it… Have Edited it Back to What it was before , But not sure what’s Gonna Happen now … Moreover the Customer Support People are being Tough too… They are Not Understanding the issue & Sending Copy Paste Messages like Idiots


There is nothing to fear, just give it sometime (48 hours to be precise) this enables the fiverr both to crawl through the changes in order to rank it in the appropriate category and position… please like my comment if it gives you peace of mind… lol :grinning::grinning::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Been 3 Days for me & no Order or anything !!! How are you so sure , Been in this situation yourself ?? Did you also Changed your Gig Package info at some point of time ?


sure… I do that most of the time… most buyers often like buying from sellers who have orders in queue


I have the same issue but I didn’t edit my gig and now it’s appearing like after a few pages navigation. It was on the first page for some keywords. Maybe a bug but something is really going strange with the search results lol