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Search Results and Ranking System Seems Faulty

Hey fellow freelancers, am Neily Hype, a reggae-dancehall artist and song producer. I offer dj drops services on Fiverr.

I created my Fiverr profile in November 2017, got my first sale one month later. I’ve been getting a few orders every now and then.

I like the experience on Fiverr so far, but one of my main concern is the faultiness of the search results/ranking system. I do Jamaican reggae dj drops, and if I enter “reggae dj drops” in the search bar, the first row in the results might contain a few gigs that offer reggae services (I don’t have a problem with that.) The problem is that there are results in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th row with gigs that are offering dj drops in Spanish, American, Rock etc. All of these gigs are ranked higher than my gig which is specifically offering Reggae dj drops.

If I were a customer searching an online marketplace for reggae dj drops, the moment I start to see
results that are not related to my search, I would assume that there’s no more gigs in the results that’s offering what I want. I personally believe that is how most buyers on Fiverr think too.

My gig title is optimized, gig description is optimized, tags are optimized so I don’t know. Most of my orders currently come from social media promotions.

What are your thoughts on this?


Hello, Welcome to the forum!

I don’t have an answer for you on this. You might want to ask customer support if they can give some insight into this problem.

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Respect. I will get in touch with them, even though I strongly believe that they cant/wont help.

Search is pretty weird. I see something similar to what you describe in the translation category as well. If I was a buyer there, I´d scratch my head and be unnerved about having to click or scroll through a lot of gigs that aren´t relevant to my search.
I don´t know what the problem is but it looks as if often only 1 of the search words needs to fit for a gig to be displayed. I´ve seen gigs that were totally irrelevant too because there was a word in them that contained the word I searched for, like… if you search “voice over” and get gigs that have “invoice” in them…
Sometimes it seems to work better, sometimes not.


i’m also affected, no sales for the past two weeks.

two of my ranked gigs on a popular search keyword PROMOTE WEBSITE vanished to page 2 and 3 respectively .

this is annoying and fiverr need to do something about it


You can easily do something about this too, by not relying on the Fiverr search results to be your only source of sales. Do some market research. Figure out who your target customers are, and then go where those target customers are located and show them how you and your services can solve their problems.

YOU are responsible for your earning and obtaining your own sales.

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yes, of course it’s good to advertise our gigs. The problem is using the exact title of our gigs in search, and they do not come up. In my case only 7 results show up when I enter the search term. I use the exact title in search, nothing.

It is very irritating, if it’s all about self promotion why even use fiverr? I can go promote my service everywhere else no need of fiverr to do that. We use fiverr because it is a marketplace. Expecting our gigs to have some type of representation in the search results is not unreasonable.

@neilyhype If you contact customer service they may fix it. They’ve fixed it for me before, but it didn’t stay fixed, so I’m waiting a while before I do that again. I’m busy atm anyway.


He missed the main point of why we sell on fiverr. fiverr do the marketing for us. ******************************

Mod Note: Personal comments/attacks aren’t needed.

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your right chris, i used to work in ecom merchandising up until three months ago, ive worked with some of the supposed best systems in the world and no one is ever happy with the results, there are so many live factors to consider within algorithms and platforms and the way they interact, plus customer actions and time zones…

@daviddoer After writing this post I went ahead and revamp my gig. Changed the intro video, tags, and slightly edited the description. Now am ranking a bit higher. Also I understand what you’re saying about self promotion. If its all about self promotion it would be more beneficial for me to promote my own website.


Jon, People are talking about the fiverr issues, not about getting more orders.

We can get 2 kind of order:

  1. inside fiverr (from people who find you through fiverr marketplace).
  2. Marketing outside fiverr (gathering clients to fiverr).

The number 2 isnt the problem, because the subject and point of view of this post isn’t about this.

So let’s try to stick with the post subject (Ranking and search problems), instead directing it to people do self marketing.

you seems to be an intelligent guy, so try to use this to help about this topic.


It can be if you don’t take care of yourself.


I realized 3 problems about fiverr SEARCH and RANKING since last week.

  1. Search result, when you try using 1st option on REFINE RESULTS, it’s already selected, BUT it’s showing everything. To make this 1st REFINEMENT works, you need to select other refinement, and then select the 1st one again, to make it work properly.

  2. IN RANKING, when selecting BEST SELLING, you can see that some pages were deleted. For example, in vector tracing there is gigs for a total of 100+ pages, but if you filter for BEST SELLING, there in only 7 pages now.

  3. Since last week, the ranking changed a lot, passing many inexperienced and low sales sellers as being TOP SELLERS, which actually is a lie. While some of the real best sellers were dropped 50 positions in a single day. In other words, there was a swap between some positions. I’m actually the top seller in vector tracing category.
    I have more than 6300+ reviews (almost more than double of the second best seller), I’ve been performing better than ever (it was following to be my best month ever at fiverr). I’ve been performing better than any other seller in this category last 4 weeks (more reviews than anyone in vector category), and do you know what happened? my gig went down 50 positions, while a gig with only 10 reviews was passed in front (and almost on top of ranking) for no reason, because it’s clearly not a best seller.

So I contacted fiverr about this, and guess what they said??? That there was nothing wrong.

Well, I wont stop till the do something, and I highly recommend everyone who is facing this problem to contact them too.

OR Fiverr team is misleading buyers to make them believe these 10 rated gigs are best sellers and misleading sellers to believe that better performance = better placement in ranking, OR it’s all a bug which needs to be fixed.


I am aware of the topic of conversation within this thread. People are complaining about the search system not featuring their gigs. I encouraged those people not to rely upon the search system (faulty or not) as their primary source of sales and traffic. My comments were 100% appropriate to this discussion.

Please do not insult me. I will comment within any topic that fits my honest, practical advice. I am here to help people focus on being productive sellers. It is not your place to tell me where and how I can participate.

They talk about their gigs, because their gigs are the only (usually) which a seller watch and take care. but the problem which is happening isn’t about a single gig in question, but many others (I suggest to take a look on the post I just sent with 3 problems).

I’m sorry but I didn’t know that calling someone intelligent is an insult. Probably i was wrong. Sorry again

The “problem” is that many sellers expect Fiverr to provide them with visibility, sales, and customers. That, however, is not Fiverr’s responsibility. Fiverr merely provides online space for freelancers to host their services, and then Fiverr collects the gigs they want to feature – how they want to feature them – within an online catalog. Fiverr is not guaranteeing any sales or visibility, they are merely a freelance services hosting website.

It is, and will likely always be, the seller’s responsibility to find and connect to their customers.

No, telling me that I “seems to be intelligent”, and because I “seem to be intelligent”, I should know how to interact on forums that way you want me to interact… that is an insult. I have no need or requirement to interact on this forum the way YOU want me to. I am my own man, and I have my own comments, opinions and advice to share. I can share those just as much as you can share your own.

Completely agree with you, but ToS worth for fiverr statements too. So for example, when they provide answers that better performance = better placement, but it’s not working like this, so they HAVE to do something, or they are not following their own rules.

I never met you Jon. I cant say if you are intelligent or not. So for me it seems you are, or you were, because if you think this is an offense, so I may change my mind.
I’m not telling what you should do, I’m just suggesting, when I faced your answer wasn’t anything about to the post. If you see, @socialexpert3 was talking about vanished gigs (placement) and not about fiverr giving orders/sales.

Again, it just a suggestion. Take it or ignore it, but dont try to make it look I was offending you by calling you intelligent.

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I will politely ignor it, since your insistence to keep discussing this is moving off-topic.

I can say the same :slight_smile:

but I’ll make you words mine too:

I would prefer that you don’t. Please use your own words here on the forum. Thank you.