Search Results & Editing Keywords Frequently



I am not sure if Fiverr team has a new algorithm in place for searches…

When I search for say "video testimonial in indian accent"

Before a week or so…I could see my gig and many similar gigs…

Now I can see gigs for Arabic, Mandarin, Spanish, British…and many irrelevant searches…the Gig headings dont even match the searched keywords…see attached file…

If they have made some changes…i really wish they can make improvements soon…

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                                                                            My second doubt is…I changed my tags/keywords a few times in past few days…

                                                                            Does this affect search results?


Same happens to me. I search by keywords and I have realized that something has changed now. I noticed that it finds some gigs that have nothing to do with the search words.


Frist of all.

Fiverr search is not working now.

Its statics.

In past it was good programmed and your rank depended on many good factors like deliveries, feedbacks and many others.

Now there are still same people. I have written to support but it looks that they cant understand it somehow.


Ive given up trying to figure out their algorithm for searches. I’m 3rd spot for my keyword at 8am and I’m on page two by that evening. This is why I can’t make fiverr a serious business venture, its unreliable. I don’t mind putting in the hard work to rank, but its impossible to figure out.


I have written to support as well. Pointless.

In my niche, not a single change for 11 days straight now. How about that. I recorded the screenshots for 11 days straight, how about that for proof :slight_smile: