Search results messed up multiple ways


I have been doing a search on the phrase “love spell”.

Things are not right:

  1. my gig doesn’t show up unless I click on top rated sellers-- otherwise it is missing from search results

  2. I see 8 different gigs from different sellers that all have the same thumbnail

  3. I see other gigs with the same thumbnails also, different sellers

  4. Sometimes I can find my gig by clicking “online” and other times it doesn’t work, does not show up even when I click “online”

  5. Some gigs show up on both the first page, and the second page of search results.

  6. One gig shows up on every page of search results.


I found one as well. A few days go there were 2 pro sellers placed on the first page, last and somewhere in the middle again.

It’s such a mess.


Everything works fine for me and your gig is 1st by relevance.

No idea why you can’t see it.

I haven’t seen any duplicated thumbnails either. :thinking:


That’s a relief, any chance you could get a screenshot? Much appreciated.


Here you go. Now it’s in 2nd row.


I have been monitoring search results intently for the past two months because of a weird issue with one of my gigs. I have noticed search behaving unusually strange over the past 3 days. Gigs I used to see all the time are suddenly no where to be seen. In one search, I couldn’t find any Pro graphic designers even though I know there are several. Then, the next day most of the missing gigs were back.

I wonder if some testing is being done. I do my searches from a different browser, one where I never login to Fiverr, and on a computer with no cookies. I try to simulate a new to Fiverr search experience.

I would love to know if you continue to have trouble seeing your gig. I don’t think it’s just you @misscrystal


Yeah , Yesterday I saw my two gigs on both first and second page. :slight_smile:


Yes, it is. I could not receive any messages or orders from a NEW buyer last two days because my gig appears in 2nd or 3rd page now. My gig used to appear in the top of first page. I don’t understand this. Unfortunately, Fiverr is becoming very unstable.


I just breathed a sigh of relief. Thank you so much.


How to show my gigs on 1st or 2nd pages what i will do ?.


I wish I knew. I don’t have specific rules for how to do it. Fiverr puts those that are good sellers, popular, on the top rows at least in my category.


in my category some poor rating gigs coming at 1st page…don’t know, fiverr guys found something special in that?


yeah it’s big mess in search result. whenever you do ask to them. Answer was like bot reply : our search is world best and random show to different users…blah…blahhh…

But main point : We can’t do anything in that rather than accept as what they are providing :slight_smile:


It happened in the past… all we can do is hope that this issue is going to be solved soon


I can’t even find my gig in my category each time I search for it under the same keywords… and when I do find it it’s behind 200 other gigs with 10 reviews


I thought there was something wrong too because each time I search for one of my gigs it shows up nowhere. However when I search another that one shows up but when I click on it, it only shows that I have only 1 other gig and I have 4 posted.


This is strange… May be other gigs are of same or similar service…


No they are all different. So I’m not so sure whats happening with it. Even searching through the million other gigs its nowhere to be found


You should contact CS.


Does anyone know how long it takes after you un-pause a gig for it to show in search results?