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Search Results Vertical Listing Resulted to Very Low Sales

Changes are great, only if it promotes the common good. In this case, with the new search results layout, I don’t think it does. Instead, it promotes “unequal exposure” to everyone working on this site. How come someone new with 10 or 30 orders became top of the list while top rated/level 2 sellers are down below?

You really can’t expect buyers to scroll down below to find a seller when they can already see a service similar to what they’re looking as they go to search result, to the disadvantage of the long time sellers became new sellers are put on top of the list. Unlike before, when the listing was tiles or tiled in style, buyers can see not just one option but many good options, everyone has equal amount of exposure.

This site is featuring sellers on the search results and not the buyers; that is why the new vertical listing is not appropriate. Think of a store, buyers can choose well from any products because they can see many at once and not one by one like the new search result layout.

This change is upsetting. You are doing your best to get more buyers but your hardwork is rewarded with unfairness. I want to know what’s in the mind of the person who designed this new layout.

What do you think?

You’ll have to ask Fiverr. If they tell you, let us know what they say. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Fiverr is not about providing success, or “equal exposure” to all sellers. The sellers that learn how to succeed, build their brand, market, promote, and do the hard work to build up their seller reputation get all the perks. Fiverr wants sellers who take the bull by the horns and claw their way toward reaching their goals. Fiverr is not about giving everyone an equal chance – Fiverr is about making money for Fiverr, and the sellers that have learned how to make money for themselves, make money for Fiverr.

I, personally, like the vertical arrangement (heck, Fiverr used to have a vertical arrangement, before switching to the grid version. Apparently, they’ve chosen to go back to the vertical arrangement. And that seems to make sense for Fiverr, because they can show more seller information in a vertical format – more information to help buyers make better purchase decisions.

What exactly are YOU doing to “get more buyers”? Are you marketing and promoting your gigs to your target customers in places other than social media? Are you running ads? Are you reaching out to the people who need your services? Or are you just sitting back, expecting Fiverr to bring you all of your sales?

Fiverr’s tagline is, “In Doers We Trust”. What actions are YOU taking to be a Doer?

I can answer that for you. Fiverr probably made these changes because it improves the buyer experience, and makes more money for Fiverr. But we can’t fault them for that, because that’s the purpose of business. Fiverr is a business that intends to earn revenue. Fiverr is not a, “let’s make sure we provide dozens of sales to @evanego so he/she can make lots of money”. YOU are responsible for doing what you need to do to reach your goals, and become successful.

You have set business goals for yourself, right?

You have a business plan for your freelance career, right?