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Search results wayyy messed up

I know similar threads have been created today in the forum, since obviously this is a pretty noticeable issue. My apologies for opening again a thread that may have been opened by other users the last hours but here is my short story:

My gig was listed on the first page by average customer rating the last months. But today (about an hour ago) I couldn’t find it there. I searched to discover that now it can be found on the very last page of its category and on the very last place! From first to last page right away! Also, I can see some gigs with like 4.4 rating on the first page. Do you think this have to do with another test of the developement team and my gig will be shown on its normal position after the test will be over? Does anyone else face the same problem today?


Welcome to the club mate. Either we’re all screwed or its just another test. We’ll find out in a few hours.

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A similar case occured about a month ago, But then, the results were changed every time you refreshed your web browser. Now, they are static. Just my gig trasnfered from first to last page.

I know how you feel. All we can do is wait and see how things go. It’s out of our hands mate.

I also noticed that if you scroll in any category via fiverr app you see the same gigs again and again.This has never happened before.

Can anyone verify this? For example go to marketing category and then influencer marketing subcategory and choose sort to average reviews. Then as you scroll down you should see copies of the same gig again and again.

Yes, this is happening in every category and some category have had pages of visible gigs reduced as well.

yes, I know what you mean. For example, video editing category used to have more than 20 pages or so. Now you.can see only 5 pages!

I’m surprised that no one else mentioned this “duplicate gigs thing” in the forum.

We all know about it and we know talking about it isn’t gonna help. All we can do is wait and if worse comes contact support.

Yes this happens to me too. When some gig is repeating, another gig will be overlapped by it. Therefore some random gigs will disappear.

I asked from CS about this. Seems like number of pages of most categories got reduced. This is what I got. Nothing has changed so far.


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So, about 2 days have passed and no change. Does it mean we are all screwed?

lot of bugs in fiverr search. if u searched “logo design” & select “Newest Arrivals” filter, there are so many old gigs appearing :stuck_out_tongue:

lots of bugs indeed. Also, gigs with 4,4 rating or less appear in first pages

Yes, we are indeed incomprehensibly and undeniably screwed.

And I can still see gigs with 4.4 and 4.2 rating in first page. Seriously?!

Yep, what I can see are pro gigs and TRS mixed with sellers with low reviews and lower ratings. We just wait and hope for the best now. Lukily, I still have some clients from social media that will keep me busy for the next 3 - 4 days but after that I might start feeling the effects of this new ranking system damn hard.

I know exactly the feeling. Same here.

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