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Search seller by location

Can I search the seller/buyers based on their location? I am looking for sellers from London, UK.

I am looking for a tech guy/girl/team who are from London UK for a project I am working on, the next big thing!

You can ask google United Kingdom

Not really.

What you can do, which might help some, is to use the search bar top left and type uk london and see if the few gigs that show up have what you need, or try with just uk + keyword specific to your gig and, if the sellers’ profile shows they are in the UK, you can message them and ask if they are from London,

or, probably better than asking random sellers if they happen to be from London:
post a Buyer Request (top bar: Buying > Post a Request)
then you can post a specific request saying you need someone from London, then sellers can send you offers. Make sure to look at their profiles though before you accept an offer, some sellers just send offers blindly to any request without really reading it.

Many thanks for the suggestions.

If you know of any London U.K. Base tech guy that are good at Mobile app/Platform, please send them my way.

I wish Fiverr would let us search based on location.
Upwork. com allows searching by location.