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I’m offering a gig for Escape Room game design. This is the gig I sell the most. And for some reason right now the search authomatically changes the search to… estate roll.
Sure, in some cases the customer will find a tiny-tiny caption on the top of the app screen, tht suggests they can search for “escape room” instead of “estate roll”, but a lot of people won’t. So it’s worrying, that because of this strange function of the search the people working on escape rooms are loosing clients.

Maybe it’s not a bug, I guess, though it didn’t work like that before. I remember checking out the visibility of my gig and the search worked ok.

I hope this doesn’t fall on deaf ears.

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You’re right, I just tried it. At least they have the smaller link to click for “escape room”. You can message customer support and tell them about it.

Thnx, just did that. Hope they’ll do somthing about it.

Yeah, they have the link to the original search term, but it’s uncomfortable for the customer, and in the app I almost missed the link completely.

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