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Search system tip


I’ve got a tip for the search system. Why not have the search system favor new sellers that are logged in over sellers that are not logged in. You can only do the job if you are here. It is very slow getting those first ten sales. I’m only suggesting this because I am pretty much logged in 24/7. I do switch windows to work on other things but stay logged in.


I personally think this is a good idea m/


When I was starting, I really saw the system promote my gig. A lot during the first 2 weeks. I believe they really want you to succeed. It makes sense. The more happy active sellers, the better. Have friends buy your gigs to get your ratings started and to have orders in your cue. You have friends that could use your services. Buyers don’t want to be the first to try you. I noticed that buyers are hunting through the new gigs and they will see you there. It is scary to offer 24 hour delivery at first, but remember, you can always change it after you get some orders. People are also searching specifically for express. Good Luck!