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Search Tag not accepting any more keyword

Hi there, in my Gig, I am not able to insert any more word in Search Tag. I know that search tag have limitations of 5 words but there are 2 words in my gig and I am not able to insert any more words. I have complained to Fiverr customer support but no response from them yet (6 days past). Does anyone is facing similar problem? Is there any way to resolve it?


Yes, this is something that seems to be popping up lately. At this time, I don’t think there’s a solution for it.

If you get a response from CS, please let us know so that the answer can be shared?

I am still waiting for their response for last 6 days…If I get any response I would share here.

Finally issue resolved with help from customer care. You need to type key word in small letter & need to select from drop down list only. Then it would be accepted.


Though that’s not that good if it means the keywords can’t be unique.