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Hello there!
New (relatively) member here. What kind of search tags does people use to promote their drawing services? In my case, I draw anime/manga (or a mix between anime/western) styles and digitally. Naturally I’ve used following key words: anime | manga | character | cartoon character | digital art
but am unsure if this is a correct set of words. A little bit of friendly help here, maybe? Please?


Any particular reason you’re going NSFW?

For exact search tag you have to research.My opinion is open 20+ gig on your category from the 1st page and research what tag they use. Then u will get the exact tags for push on your gig.

I’m not having any discomfort with drawing it and did some requests/commissions before, so I don’t see why not to mention it here too?

I do not approve, but that’s my opinion. My advice? Make two separate gigs. One for that stuff, and one that you can actually safely market on other platforms. Also because Fiverr can change their mind at any time about allowing those kinds of gigs.

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I did some research on other artists who have their gigs up and running and some of them did advert “that stuff” openly too. Perhaps a two-gig idea is a viable option, mhh.