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Search Tags - Update


As a buyer, I’m not sure if I’m onboard with this.

There are amazing sellers who may not read the forum or are ESL. They may not know to do this, giving an advantage to some. Those that read and understand this may not be the best qualified.

My biggest frustration is getting unqualified sellers who disguise themselves with good reviews (some fake, some real) and correct tags.

I realize you and sellers care about tags, understandable.

I, as a buyer, just want the most qualified on page one.


I think it’s very important to notice what this doesn’t say. it doesn’t say that search tags will be the only search criteria. Is says that it “can affect” your gig position, but doesn’t say that it absolutely will or that other factors aren’t involved. It also says that the use of relevant search tags “can help buyers find you faster.” That implies that search tags could be a part of the process when buyers are looking for sellers and good tags might speed that up. It doesn’t openly say that sellers won’t be found by other means like filters, featured status, possibly level and the other things that have long influenced rank like delivery turnaround, ratings, etc.

Since this is also a new thing, there is no way to be sure that it won’t be tweaked many times. :slight_smile:


Please on tag section at least make sure we can add 10 tags according to search. That will be a great help for our gigs.


I myself would like to place more then Five tags… Wait… Five (tags) on Fiverr… oh I see what they did there! :sunglasses::joy:

My gig impressions are dropping real fast

if dozen of users will use the same tag, for example VECTOR in my case, will it be sorted how?

Because the last topics related to search and fiverr CS, will it be based on gigs performance?

With the long discussions had here at fiver forum related to search system, right now the search seems is based in nothing, the search is basically frozen, no refresh.

So based in tags and gig performance would be great for those who are doing a good work.

Please let me know



Saw your other post about Testing Search Placement Algorithm.

Topic = Testing Our Search Placement Algorithm

I haven’t got chance to reply there because the topic was closed already.

Search issue still persists.

This problem started happening since November 2016 onwards.

Since then fiverr search is acting very weird.

Currently its not showing results the way it should

For example in RELEVANCE filter its showing non rated gigs or gigs who has done 1 or 2 orders on the first pages.

In Avg customer rating you will see the gigs who are not even rated on first pages of search results, But it should show the gigs who are highly rated. Currently its not.

Whereas it should show highly rated gigs in Avg Customer rating.

And in Relevance filter it should show gigs by rating + gig title + tags etc.

Currently its doing no calculations i think.


thanks sharing this info :slight_smile:


Great News.Thank You very Much.:+1:


It will be nice thing , thanks


Have you read what the Academy page said about tags? the more tags you use, the higher and stronger your competition will become, and the fewer chances for your gig to be found :wink: So I, myself, definitely wouldn’t want more than 5 keywords.


I still don’t understand why “SEO” can’t be used more than once, and two repetitions are considered excessive :unamused: - that’s nonsense considering that other words can be used even 3 times without saying it’s excessive


I love higher competition … Because if I provide standard and great service then I will always get my clients … I have no worry about it. But with 5 tags I can’t describe my service clearly.

See tags are only one part of search system , other customer when search you they see the review you get too :slight_smile:


I almost completely agree with you my friend.

Exactly what I think about Avg Customer rating, but about RELEVANCE the own name says it. It`s relevant as fiverr would like to show the search to that buyer.

But if you see, avg customer reviews is just frozen. and no matter how the buyers perform, those on top will keep on top getting most of the new buyers.

I`m just surviving these last 2 months thanks to my great clients. But if it dont change soon i beliebe I wont last long


Thank you for the heads up


Thanks for such valuable info :slight_smile:


this is good for us , thank you for the info


Thanks for the information. I already updated mine and I hope it yields positive results


Search tag task done from myside. Now your turn :slight_smile:


This is what i need to get my gigs in top of Research
I’m So Excited :slight_smile:


thank you so much so for this act of kindness