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Search is very annoyingly buggy. Every time I check for my gigs’ searchability, I get a wtf-moment.
Like when I filter for Translation, English to German, and heaps of gigs that have nothing whatsoever to do with German get displayed on top of and throughout the listings. Why? Why must a buyer scroll through English-Korean translations, for instance, when they filter for English-German?

Like just now, when I search for Translation, English to German, I find my gig at least if I filter for ‘Level 2 sellers’
(though that´s not really a consolation to me personally, I´d prefer to be found for the services I offer before for my sellerr level, I know that I for one wouldn´t typically filter for 1 specific seller level as a buyer),
but can´t find it, when I filter for ‘online sellers’, while being online. And that while there are 2 (in words: two) hits for online English to German translators atm. So it´s hardly because there were so many pages to scroll that I overlooked mine.

It´s pretty sad that I´m maybe one of only three English-German sellers online right now, and my gig won´t show up for a buyer who might be looking for one. Though of course I guess it´s possible that more of us who are online don´t show up in the online filtering obviously ;), but still.

Search/filter functions would be really great, if they worked correctly. I still love you, Fiverr, but pretty please put search on your 2017 priorities list.


I would also love to see a more precise search feature on the main page. I don’t think anyone from Fiverr has ever stated that it isn’t functioning as intended right now. What I mean by that is, I’ve seen posts where people contacted CS and had things fixed, but nothing saying that there is a broadly understood bug in the search functionality. Search seems to work differently for just about everyone depending on logged in, logged out, cookies that bring up what you’ve searched in the past, etc. I’m sure some of that IS intentional and therefore testing your own gigs in search is very tough.

You’d just about need to dedicate a browser to it and retain no cookies/cache and no login and always search as a visitor who has no account. That gives you more consistent tests but not accuracy, since the average buyer does have an account and has at least done a few searches with their browser history retained. I know it is also different for me on the mobile website vs desktop and that doesn’t include the app since I don’t use it.

I’m adding those things t because I agree search seems off, but also to point out that it is nearly impossible to test it from a potential buyer’s point of view. That doesn’t lead to an easy solution for users or Fiverr techs.


I face the same problem. Search is very buggy also the conversations disappeared and re appear from no where on page refresh. I’d love perfect search in my messages so i can spend less time searching.


It seems to come and go in waves. One of my gigs gets nothing for weeks on end then suddenly I have 10 orders in a week. I don’t understand how it all works. I just know that when the first order comes there are always a heap not far behind.


Search is weird, I agree. I filter for script/screenplay, and yes, some of the displayed gigs do offer script writing, but some are for writing articles, short stories, research papers, website content…


I do test with a privacy browser, as well as with ‘my normal one’ and via the app. And yes, of course, if all those things like cache etc. affect search on the buyers’ end, that is another point of course to take into consideration too.

edit: But you´re right with adding that there might be no easy solution. Not expecting overnight miracles regarding such tech stuff here anyway (overnight miracles regarding attitudes, policies and such again might be possible ;)), but it should be something that gets priority and doesn´t fall off the page either way, as search is a major factor for this site to work well for both sellers and buyers, it´s nothing as banal and peripheral as the response rate.

My whole point in bug and suggestion ‘complaints’ is anyway that I like Fiverr and want it to work and be as good as it can be, not to complain.


Maybe it´s the search engine’s AI attempting to be human and fair and sorting sellers into different waves to roll out, so they all get wet from time to time…


Yes, that´s one of the big points really, and I can´t quite see how that would, or at least should, be affected by all the logged in/out, previous searches, etc. factors.


I get that conversation dis/re/appearance thing too sometimes. I was lucky enough that I didn´t lose any messages I´d have needed to do and deliver a job up to now at least, but I do get a small shock moment every time suddenly a message from a buyer seems gone.


I used to see where my gigs are in the listings but since I can’t control it and also half the time can’t even find mine I decided not to think about it.


I´m very pleased right now. :slight_smile:
Yesterday finally a/the date row in BR re/appeared, and today for the first time since I´m here, when I look for Translation > English to German, there are only 7 pages and all of the gigs there have the word German in the Gig and do offer translation to or from German, no English - Russian or French - Korean or whatever in there, that´s a first, only gigs that at least offer also English-German translation, search seems to have taken a jump for the better there, and could find my gigs even without filtering. I hope it´s like that for other categories too. :slight_smile: