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Searched out high rated writer to do an article but they sent me copied work

I searched thru a bunch of writers on here for someone with good ratings and selected one with nearly 100 good reviews. I emailed them prior to placing my order and told them what I was looking for and they told me the gig would be an extra 20. I said no problem and placed my order. When I finally got the order… and checked to make sure it was original… I found it was copied literally word for word from a website. This guys ad stated original and states “You will receive full ownership of the content. You are free to use your own by line on the article as well.”. Hard to do when it’s already been written and published on another site.

So frustrated with fakes on here. I spent money on a copied article.

I’m really sorry that you ended up with one of the many bad sellers.

I know it won’t recoup your lost time or get your money back into your pocket, but if you haven’t already, please complain to Customer Support and provide proof that you were blatantly swindled.

Even on the slight (and I mean SLIGHT) chance that the seller is simply re-selling their own work, they still need to be reported and learn how copyright laws apply.

Better luck next time. :slight_smile:

I did send them a report (and hope the seller doesn’t do this again) but I’d love to find someone who can actually write me an article!
I also hope other people don’t fall victim to this guy. He’s got a number of ads for writing.

Two things:

  1. Ask for modification
  2. Ask for refund

Probably the mutual refund option is your best option.

It really bothers me to hear that you were told original work and got copied work. As a writer myself, that just annoys the piss out of me more than anything… other than stupid little spelling and grammar mistakes, of course.

As Itsyourthing said, there are tons of really worthwhile writers on Fiverr. You just need to weed the good from the bad.

Good luck!

I really get annoyed at writers who claim to do original work and then sell copied work. As a writer, it annoys me on both sides because I’ve had my work copied.

I’d definitely talk to Customer Support about this, and if you haven’t allowed the gig to complete yet, request a modification. You also have the ability to request a refund or leave feedback to alert others. It’s your choice which one you do. Bear in mind getting the refund will mean you can’t leave feedback, and sometimes the latter is better to warn others before they buy.

There are lots of writers here, as has already been pointed out. I’m one of them and you’re free to contact me.

Good luck.

How does anyone get away with that in this era of technology? Ridiculous.

Fiverr offers protection in such cases. Try canceling the order and if the seller doesn’t accept, contact customer support and explain the problem. They will happily help you if you show proof that it’s all copied stuff. I’m sorry to see such things happen :frowning:

If the gig states clearly that you will be getting original work, or a custom order was made from original work, simply request a refund.

Reply to @sunsation72: There are a few good, original writers on Fiverr. I am one of them, but I generally stick to smaller, quicker gigs. You’re welcome to message me about the article; if I’m not a good fit, I can recommend a few others.

I wanted to get my comment in before you’re overwhelmed with ‘questionable’ offers. :slight_smile:

Reply to @sunsation72: Sorry about your experience. Fiverr has the good, the bad, and the ugly.

With regards to your search for a writer, I will like to recommend my writing services. I don’t just offer a gig, I offer service, and quality that you can trust.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Clement S.

Reply to @infinityplusone: They get away with it because a good amount of folks buying writing gigs, don’t care if it’s original. They’re just looking for content stuffed with keywords. In some instances it’s difficult to find original work - so many people are selling the same things and there are only so many ways to pitch - and many of the buyers have no idea that they can get penalized and even shut down for duplicate content.

Until they get in serious trouble, they’re happy to pay small prices and take their chances (if they even know they’re taking a chance).

That’s why there are so many bad writers with huge sales and excellent ratings. The ‘don’t care’ buyers get keyword-laden copy that looks good to them, so they give great feedback and buy some more. Then a buyer who is looking for quality, original content comes along and falls into the trap.