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Searching for a seller


Hi People, can anyone tell me how to search for a seller on fiverr. all i can remember is the first part of her name its ‘supermarket…’ & shes from the US. Its driving me crazy !

thanks heaps


If you did an order with the seller, roll over your username in the top right hand corner of the fiverr site, then click through to orders.

If you messaged them on fiverr, look through your fiverr messages, you might find them there.

A good way to save gigs you like is to click on the love heart on them and then they are saved under your collections (same place as you click for the orders, only it’s just below).

If it was an uncommon gig you may be able to find them by putting in variations of what their gig was for in the search box. You may also have some luck by putting the same into google.

Good luck!


Or you can just hire me, it’s much easier. :stuck_out_tongue: