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Searching for Buyer Requests


How do you pitch your GIGS to buyers on this site? Do you have to wait for a request in your inbox or is there a page that has what buyers are looking for? I’m really excited to get started but before I create different gigs for my talents, I need a few tips for success. Any advice would be appreciated.


You can pitch to buyers in Buyer Request (see image) but overall Fiverr really isn’t set up for pitching your stuff to buyers. It is set up as an online marketplace for buyers to find you. Buyer Requests is iffy and full of spam, but technically there are some legit buyers there and it can be a way to get started:



Thanks for the quick response @fonthaunt, I looked on there but didn’t see any requests. I’m willing to put in the work I just need some direction. On my Facebook page post, of course everyone sees what I’m doing but there are no likes (that’s part of human nature, many wait to see if anyone else will try your services). I also took a glance at the academy for ideas so I’m not trying to recreate the wheel, just be an additional spoke in it.


You might need to make more gigs too, if you can. Buyer Requests will only show up in a category where you have gigs, so if you can expand a bit you’ll see more opportunity. :slight_smile:


I was reading that as you were posting this, thank you!