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Searching for customers

I create party posters and flyers can anyone help me get customers?

You could put up poster and flyers and advertise your services.

I mean, that could work. You’re selling that stuff, so it works, right? Be your own miracle!

I would strongly advice you to get rid of all the “h” in your gig description.
Are you aware of that???

Unless it is my computer the image on your gig is so bland as to be non-existent. Maybe something brighter might help.

It looks like maybe you forgot to upload any images?
Because I see something that looks like an image that gets put in place when there are no images.
So try uploading examples of your work! (hasn’t helped me, but without any images, that’s sure to detour people.)
And the huge amount of h’s in your descript is kind of weird too. xD