Searching for tips from the experienced sellers


I have been working on Fiverr since November 2017. I had already completed 7 tasks with 5-star ratings. I noticed from the last few days my gig’s impression, views and clicks are more. Here it is

  • views: 13k
  • impressions: 5k
  • Clicks: **85
    But I’m not getting knocks from the buyers. I need a proper suggestion from the experienced sellers.
    Thank you


Alright. I’m an experienced seller. Here’s what you need to do:

Market and promote your gigs.

You’re welcome.


I’m sharing my gigs on social sites regularly


Many people have found the advice in this thread to be useful


Thanks for your valuable suggestions.


And that is likely to be a complete waste of your time, unless all the people you are connected to on those social media sites are your target customers. Just plastering your links on social media, and expecting that to result in sales is a terrible business strategy. The only people who will purchase from you are the people who need your services – and those are not the people you are friends with on your personal social media accounts.

Figure out who your target customers are, and tell THEM about what you do.