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Second account for second user on same computer or wifi

My brother want to create an account for his Amazon work, but we have one Wi-Fi network and one PC, is it ok to create an account? If he creates, he will use his account on his mobile and sometime on PC, but same Wi-Fi, please explain if you understand,


If you have already an account you can’t create a new account on this pc. If you have another pc then you can create a new account. That means one pc one account. Wifi is not matter.


The rule is actually one person one account. The number of devices doesn’t matter; one person with two computers still wouldn’t be allowed to have more than one account.

@mrxajid , contact Customer Support, tell them what you told us, and ask them for their guidance and their permission for your brother to open his own account. If they give you their permission, follow their instructions and it should be fine; do not open another account before you get their permission.

Generally speaking, they do allow for another member of the household to have their own account, but it has to be with the permission from Customer Support, your brother won’t be able to offer the same or similar services as you, and the two of you won’t be allowed to interact through Fiverr.


No, you can’t make new one now. Just one pc and Network you will use one account. If you try to use 2 account on same pc then your account get ban


Thank you so much for the response, i will contact .

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Sorry to say that, your are not able to Continue two account in a same Computer its a against of fiverr rules and regulation, but you can create and continue two account in same wifi with individual Device.

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Please don’t give wrong information that you don’t have knowledge about it. Like you said here “WIFI isn’t matter” this isn’t mentioned anywhere in fiverr T&P so it’s better to talk with fiver CS.


You will likely not have an issue if you two are offering completely different services, but using the same pc and internet connection.

Your brother will need his own PayPal or Payoneer account - and his own email to sign up. Also, if you are not in the U.S. you may have to validate your ID as well as your brother.

Either way, probably best as Cat said, to contact customer service first and let them guide you on how to set this up.



Thank you dear. I got it, i think its a good idea. But i will contact CS.

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If you have already an account you can’t create a new account on this pc.

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You can’t create 2 accounts in one PC


You can’t create two accounts on one PC. but Fiverr gives you option of creating multiples gigs on same account and it will also help your brother’s gig too

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