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Second day on Fiverr

It has officially been my second day on this site and I am excited to see if my art commissions go somewhere on this site. I have been getting more confident with my abilities lately and wanted to start making an income to help benefit my future doings.
Personally, I have no idea on how to advertise or what not but I have been looking around and seeing that even newer artists who have much room to grow receive orders so that is giving me hope!

I hope to see my shop grow within the month… one purchase to maybe even more! Although, as a patient individual I do not mind waiting and will be excited each day I log on. :slight_smile:

Hey Buddy, Welcome.

You can try sending Replies to Buyer requests daily.
Refresh the Buyer page several times to see new Requests.
Try to send the Reply to those who has 0 or 10 responds already sent, Because the Buyer will not scroll down to see your reply.

And keep your Hope and you will get order soon, I saw your Profile and your Work is great.

Thank you
Ashwin Kumar

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Thank you so much for the information! I will look into doing this!