Second notification of TOS


Hello everyone
I would like you to help me to know the consequences of a second notification of TOS

My concerts will not show anymore?
Will they show up after 30 days without warnings?
Will I be able to publish gig equal to the denied ones?

Any response will be well received
Thank you


There is no written information about how warnings might affect your search ranking. If you received the warning for creating a gig and you create a gig that violates the ToS again, you may have your account closed on Fiverr.

Other than that, warnings specifically affect your ability to achieve and maintain levels. You can read about it here and here is a brief summary:

“Above all, we aim to keep our marketplace safe and fair. Any seller who violates our terms of service receives a warning—and if the offenses continue, the seller may be removed from Fiverr. In the updated system, sellers must ensure they’re not violating our rules or risk a level drop.”

You would need to give more information about what the warning said and what kind of gig it was if you want a better answer.


They wrote me and gave contact information
How can I prevent this from happening?


they said:
they said:
This is your second reminder. Therefore you are not eligible to achieve a level one seller badge for the next 30 days.
Note: If you have more than 7 Gigs, your newest Gigs will be paused automatically in order to meet the current account limitation of 7 Gigs. You can always manage your Gigs and decide which ones to pause and activate, over at your Seller profile.


I’m confused about the 30 day time frame in the analytics page for a violation.

Does this mean that just one violation will cause a seller to lose a level?


Just as far as the contact info issue, it sounds like you got warned because of something that was in your own message. This can happen over wording that is mistaken, so you have to be careful how you respond if someone gives you their contact info. If a buyer gives you contact info and you write back with words like “I cannot exchange contact information” or “I cannot use Skype” you can get flagged for just using the words “contact info” or “Skype.” It can cause you to get a warning just for the way you wrote it.

If someone gives you their info, you just want to write back carefully. Don’t use any flag words like “email” or “phone” at all. Just say something very simple like “I must use the Fiverr inbox for all communications.” You can copy and paste that sentence and it won’t normally get you in trouble.

I don’t really understand what you mean about publishing a gig equal to the denied ones because a gig would not be denied over a buyer giving you their contact info. It really sounds like you put something in the gig description that you shouldn’t have, like your website url or some other off-Fiverr info. That would cause the gig to be denied and it would get you a warning.


I think this person was already demoted from level 1 to 0 since they were told they should pause the gigs they couldn’t display. The way the analytics page is worded is: “Avoid receiving warnings for TOS violations over the course of 30 days.” Since this person has received 2 warnings and one of them was today, we wouldn’t be past 30 days by the next eval date. (I’m guessing since I don’t know for sure what the timing really was.)


This happened after the evaluation
what happened is that it was almost level 1, now I have to wait 30 days without warnings to be it.

What I wanted to ask is yes during those days my gigs will be paused,
there says the most recent, but I do not understand


It’s very sad to know

However dont get demotivated, work hard and have patience

If i was in your place then i would utilize these 30 days by improving my skills and try not to violet any TOS in future!


Talk with support and I should have around 90 days without warnings

Thanks, I worked hard, fulfilling the policies


Good luck! I hope that it goes well for you.