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Second Thoughts on a Marketing Career?

I’ve almost finished my second to last semester as a marketing undergraduate. In the time I’ve found what I love is strategy and innovating ideas, however what I’ve drastically underestimated is my loathe for an office job. Recently I’ve been working for a consulting firm one day per week as a “Digital Marketing Intern”.

I sort of hate it? I dread coming in every week. I was dishes for a living an enjoy my time in the kitchen more (lesser of two evils situation)

I think I want to have a career outside of the office but my entire life has been built for this role, I always thought I wanted this but now I don’t even have the motivation, if this is what life exists for.

I’d like to be outside, around nature. Building personal connections, talking and engaging but I understand their are tradeoffs. Has anybody else backflipped on their undergrad degree’s? Cold feet about working in an office? I’ve always had the thought that in a career you should devote yourself and love what you do, beyond 9 - 5

Everybody hates it. The world’s only happy office workers work for Google and big Silicon Valley tech firms. However, they are only happy because they all microdose on LSD and dubiously legal ‘smart’ drugs.

In fact, most people working for big tech firms in San Francisco live in their cars because rents are so high. The world is a pretty horrendous place actually.

If you are studying marketing and want a career outdoors, maybe make your end goal to be an organic beekeeper with super honey marketing abilities. Basically, look for a way to tie what you loathe to what you love, and come to some kind of agreeable middle ground.

I quit university and moved to New Zealand to work in the hospitality industry. Later I became a hotel manager in the UK to get all the skills and experience I needed to move back to New Zealand permanently. However, then I realized I hated being a hotel manager and quit to take a risk becoming a freelancer.

My goal has always been to go for quality of life and the accumulation of experiences over the accumulation of wealth. It works fine for me. However, there is no magic trick to make that kind of life possible. You just need to figure out what is important to you and try to find a way to make the kind of life you want happen.


My degree is in business and marketing and that is extremely flexible. I found that I too love nature and being outdoors. I also love talking to people and worked after graduation as a public relations representative for a U.S. senator. I also sold advertising which allowed me to set my own hours and only report in to an office once a week.

Many people get jobs that are outside what their degree was for. Simply apply for jobs that interest you and see what happens. There are a variety of jobs that don’t require you to be in an office.

I found that working for a firm that does consumer testing of products to see how they were accepted by users was fascinating. There is always the chance to enhance your degree with more courses in various disciplines also. So think outside the box and scout around and apply for jobs that may not necessarily be directly related to marketing to see what happens.

I’ve never stopped taking classes and have taken college classes in astronomy, real estate, economics, biology, anthropology, as well as finding my calling by doing what I’m now doing on fiverr. Learning doesn’t stop once you get your first college degree.

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