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Second time on Fiverr - Don't give away EVER! :)

Hi Fiverr community and all guys on forum,

I don’t write a lot on every Topic on Fiverr forum but i m here in every free time. I wil try to explain my stories and i hope that will be helpful for someone in similar position or someone new.

Well, I worked in some company in 2016 in some time i found Fiverr, I start i free time to work on and i like it. Ater half year I gave a quit in company and start to work only as freelancer. After a month, i was so happy, I can plan my time, I can plan my work days, you know, everything.

And everything was perfect, until December 2017. I was Level 2 and had about 150 review with 5 stars mark. And make big mistake. I show some friend all things about this and he start with Fiverr, but he use to have all same GIGs as I have. I didn’t follow him and after 5 days Fiverr banned me and him. i know wy and they are explain me. That is system and hen see same GIGs, that start to make problem and use to cancel both. That will be in short lines. In anywy, i couldn’t bring profile back to me.

In second I was without any job, money, anything. i worked a little for some privte clients, but that was to low for me. And I back to Fiverr after month.

I start again process from zero, i build lowly profile, all GIGs, try to improve every part. i use all skills which i know. And I can say that i m happy that i m again back ere.

I m now again Level 1 and i think I will on next check point have all tasks for Level 2. :slight_smile:
And sure, this time i m going to the TOP!

So, if you need any advice, help or positive energy (like my nickname :slight_smile: ), write me!

Have a nice day to all, and sorry for little long story. But i hope that will help someone to continue, to work, learn and NEVER give up!


Why would fiverr ban both of you if you had same gigs?

Maybe I didn’t explain well, i type a lot :slight_smile:
We have totally same, copied text, tags, everything.
Not my fault, but what to do.

You don’t get banned if someone copies your entire Gig, if your Gig was the one created first.

Every time I reported a copycat years ago it was them who had their gigs terminated.

Something doesn’t sound right here.

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Then they should have removed his gig as he copied you.
Just think ,now if someone exactly copies a “Top rated sellers” profile
will fiverr ban the person who copied the gig and the top rated seller too?

Yes, i know. But that was only reason. I have screenshot o mails. They said me that is out of Terms that have few same GIGs. I didn’t build any same GIGs, becasue I had same GIGs from start and i worked well about 1 year.
So, any idea was that, because I saw that friend made same GIGs.
I think this could be answer on your message too @richardbloch
I m ready to provide any information about this. Sure, i can’t bring back anything, but we have make situtation clear for next workers.