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Second try at this and thinking of quitting again


Ok. as the title suggests I’m on this site for the second time. I keep hearing on lots of YT vids and quora suggesting fiverr to get some easy money and that’s basically why I’m here. But turns out that’s not the case at all. You need to be kind of an expert at marketing and other things too. Which I’m not much familiar with and don’t have any interest to learn it. Even though I’m no expert at my craft I know it well enough but looks like there’s no hope for me here.


I am not sure if this will be useful but I will provide my 2 cents. In my opinion, to offer any service you need to have a level of expertise. Personally, since I desire to get out of the field of instructional design, I had not thought of offering my expertise in this field.

On a whim, after a local client (contract gig) ended abruptly, I decided to create gigs here on Fiverr. According to my analytics, my gigs that get the most attention are all about creating instructional materials.

So I dropped other gigs and focused on what people seem to want from me. Basically, starting from what I know so that people know, like and trust me.

Within the first week, I had 4 orders. I have gained 2 additional orders since then and a number of inquiries for custom work.

Am I marketing my gigs? Yes and No. I realized that people do not go to FB seeking answers to their training needs. So, I do not really promote there. However, on my profile, I include a link to my Fiverr profile. I have links to my Fiverr profile from IG too.

Like you, I am no marketing guru. And that is why I decided to try Fiverr. I wanted a platform where I knew people come with some problem they have and are looking for a solution. I offer a solution at a reasonable price (my entry gigs).

I optimized my gigs. I respond quickly to inquiries. I provide stellar customer service which has led to one repeat customer to date. I think it takes time to totally get the ball rolling.

Do I think it is easy money? No, not really. BUT I do believe it is a platform to find people who have a problem that you can solve. Also, I think it depends on your area of expertise and how saturated the market is, how well you optimize your gigs, and how you can present to others that you have a level of expertise so they can count on you.

I hope this is useful! Best wishes!


Hi there,
Sorry to hear that, but i’m not totally agree with your opinion.

I’m only doing a tweet three times a day with correct tag,
and post some of my work at instagram and facebook page regularly.

The problem with fiverr is that:

  1. You should know your target market better.
  2. Know what people need
  3. How to convince potential buyer to hire you.

You can’t only offer what you like to do, and if you want to make a good income, you must be expert at your field, not just “I know it well enough”
I saw lot of fiverr new seller whos got an order on the first try, not because of their marketing, but because their work are awesomely good.

Wish you luck :slight_smile:


If this is the mindset you go into anything with, you’re setting yourself up for disappointment.

I’d disagree with this. Compared to other platforms, Fiverr’s entry barrier is quite low and you can get by with little marketing. However, that’s not to say it’s unneeded. As with any other business, marketing is a key skill and activity. Whether you’re freelancing, interviewing for a conventional job, or building a startup, convincing customers, employers, and investors you’re worth their time and money is arguably the most important part of business.