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Second warning after posting the request for freelancers

Hello, everyone!
I work on Fiverr for more than 1 year - I have never tried to break any rules, I have read the policy, I never tried to work outside of Fiverr and really try to offer the best service, that I can. Most of my reviews are 5 start, very few of them -4.7 stars.
2 days ago I’ve got my second warning.
I’ve got it right after I posted the request - I was looking for service, like a buyer, and in 20 minutes I’ve got the notification about warning. The first warning was few months ago, after posting the request as well.
Can anyone help me understand what was wrong? I really want to work according to the policy, but I have no idea, what was wrong with this activity…
Now my account is restricted

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Did you contact fiverr support with a proof/screenshot of your buyer request? They are the only ones who will be able to look at it and lift your warning in case if you indeed didn’t break any rules.


I asked about the reason of this warning, still waiting for the reply. Probably, you are right - I will add the screenshot to my message to the support now, thank you!
When we get warning, is it someone from Fiverr, or it is automatically by the system?

It depends. But I believe it’s manual. If it’s not manual, then a person still reviews it and it can be undone if it was a mistake. The chances are low for that to happen, but it can happen!

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Are you posting a request in buyer requests?

If Fiverr think that you are advertising your services there, they will flag you.


You to explain your problem Fiverr support

No - it was my own request, I needed a freelancer for work, I needed someone to write me a script (for my own needs), because I can’t do this