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Secret behind 60 days review system

Hello guys,
Did you ever find the reason behind the new Review System (Life Time & 60 days Reviews)?
In my opinion there are two reasons:
1. The first reason is to enhance the chances of selling Pro gigs.
Let me explain this:
You know Fiverr is working extremely hard to bring Pro sellers in the market. They always show Pro gigs at the top no matter they have a single review or not. Fiverr advertise them on the home page and have even created a new Fiverr Homepage specifically for Pro sellers.
Now, most of the buyers used to prefer a seller having hundreds of reviews over Pro gigs that have only 5-10 reviews.
Now this 60 days Review system has almost equalized the number of reviews of Pro gigs and the number of reviews of a Level 2 or Level 1 gigs. This has brought Pro gigs in competition with gigs having hundreds or thousands of reviews in lifetime duration but just a few dozens or maybe less in last 60 days.

So in this way, they have given a boost to Pro gigs and now they appear as good competitors with Level 2 or TRS gigs.

  1. The Second reason is quite common and is told everywhere that Fiverr is trying to give chance to new sellers (that’s a good idea).

Now, can you guys please share your experience? Do you like the new Reviews System? How did it affect your sales? or anything else you want to share regarding it?

Looking forward to seeing your feedback.
Thank you for reading it.


Here it is…

I think ‘Life Time & 60 days Reviews’ system is rolled back.
As far as I can only see lifetime reviews.

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It’s still the same on my side…

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No, its still there and they will not roll back

I agree with you Faheem basically from the start of PRO I saw all chnages were made to make market quality better which Fiverr PRO’s focus on that is why they are here with even no review they are at top because they are trusted.

So main changes are made I guess Fiverr might at last become FIVERR PRO only and rest have to packup LOL!

If they do so, Fiverr will pack up at the end lol

I do not see the 60 days reviews. I did for a short time last month.
It may only be in beta testing.

While your theory is a good one it’s only a theory. No one really knows the real reason. The other thing to limit the number of reviews shown was to have an upper limit of 1000+.

There is no doubt that many buyers will choose someone with more reviews over those with fewer reviews.

Another theory is that they want the algorithm to show at the top the gigs with the most 60 day reviews.

It hurts higher priced gigs though since they do not get as many orders as less expensive gigs. So for that reason it seems to go against the drive to have sellers charge more.

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Great analysis. Thanks for sharing.

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I had increased my prices because I found that it takes lot more than what my prices are. I got quite good orders big one’s however I have to keep searching for small jobs due to this 60 days issue.

As you said it surely effects those who take less orders as they have good prices and I too saw Fiverr for certain term ranks those with most reviews.


I think it is really good thing.

It will better for the Fiverr and for evey one. With this review system it will vett those who are no longer active on Fiverr and did really great earlier.

I mean if someone worked on Fiverr for some time and got good number of reviews but due to any reason seller have to leave the platform for more than 60 days Fiverr will be at loss keeping there GIG in front of those who are currently active. Rather than that Fiverr is Giving chance to those who are active and can earn more for the Company.

Or may be seller may have worked really great earlier but is not able to do it anymore Due to any reason.

Hello priyasumit786, I do not think so. Because every gig that is listed is also open to accept orders. You can not take a Fiverr break without setting your profile to out of office mode or pause your gigs. Otherwise you would get in trouble when receiving orders without delivering. And this in return would cause your gigs to not show up in search results.

For example, if you are talented and provide very good customer service and work for a few months on Fiverr, collect 100+ 5-star reviews and then take a break of two months, all the good reputation from your past work would be gone. But you are still the same talented person.

I can not see any change in the review system at the moment and I hope that it will stay as it is right now. Because I like to take breaks for a few weeks from time to time, and a new review system showing only 60 days of reviews would not be in my favor. Because when I’m active, I provide excellent service and produce satisfied customers. If I was offline for the last weeks or not, does not change the quality of my services.

My guess: it’s about diversifying the seller structure in order to not become too dependent on a few big players.



What if they simply get fewer orders because their prices are high yet earn more than low priced sellers? Some sellers only get 5 sales per month but each sale is over $1000. Should they be hidden from view?

Should a seller who gets 100 orders a month and each one is only $5 be put first, ahead of the $5000 a month seller with 5 sales?

A seller who earns $1000 per 60 days would be more visable than a seller who earns $10,000 per 60 days. Or he might be passed over when buyers only see 10 or less reviews.

We talked about it extensively. And no, it does NOT benefit anyone. What is more, it is specially bad for new sellers, as I explain here: