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Have any sellers run into the unfortunate circumstance of being effectively de-listed from the marketplace? Despite CS telling me that I am still there I am nowhere to be found when searching my main categories (on any of the 25 pages) despite previously having page one or two listing. When investigating I received a series of very nebulous responses (quoting algorithm etc etc). Surely however I should be appearing somewhere. Further answers from my level 2 account manager suggested the secret feedback that is left after an order is completed and ostensibly, the public feedback does not count for much. So despite being level 2 with 5 star rating, achieving TRS metrics, many referrals, great feedback, no comments directed at me from clients and nothing said by CS; I am removed. There is no recourse to find out what was said, what needs improvement on - absolutely nothing. I guess I am asking and want to suggest…

  1. Has this happened to anyone else and how long does it take to come back.
  2. Do not put all of your eggs in this basket.

I’m sorry but I am having a hard time understanding this sentence.

So your CS representative said that you got a not so great secret review?

And that public ones don’t matter as much as secret ones?


Apparently. And not insight into what was said - what the issue was - nothing. No issues have been raised to me. If I did something wrong I would love to address it but I have no idea what the issue is and informed I will not be told…

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I am facing the same issue here :expressionless:

Have you received any feedback at all from CS as to why?

I am not understanding what you mean. It sounded to me like you are saying the account manager said it is not factored in much at all regarding your gig’s ranking.

I don’t get the impression regular reviews count very much, at least up to a point.

Are you saying your gigs are completely removed?

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I put “winning resume and cover letter” into the search box and your gig was first.

I know they jump around a lot and I had just been looking at yours so maybe that’s the reason but it’s there.

How long has the issue been happening now?

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I can relate to this. Both of my GIGs were on first page in corresponding categories, and since last week, both have disappeared from search results. I was getting 600-1000 impressions daily, which have now dropped to 60-70. I am getting very few orders from my repeat buyers. Happened with me 2-3 months ago but it came back to its position within 2 days. And now similar situation is going on since 5 march.

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I am also facing same issue.

Sorry if my initial message was unclear. I generally place very highly under Resume. I suddenly disappeared last week - nowhere in the 22 pages of results. I reached out to the ‘manager’ assigned to me and he suggested that there are other variables - notably the feedback buyers provided and that the public feedback does not really count in this regard. That was as much as he would provide. He would not say what it was, who it was - nothing. Only when doing ultra specific searches do I find my gigs - not the searches a potential buyer would generally do. My stats as a result of this have tanked. I will certainly accept having an unhappy customer (would love the opportunity to make it right - I am definitely about customer service) but to receive no reasons, no opportunity to provide my feedback - seems a little one sided.


Thanks. Would be great if this was a totally transparent process. Not sure what I think about secret feedback - thought this was the reason for the public feedback system in place.

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It gives too much power to each buyer to cause harm to a great seller.


I agree. Tried voicing this to the powers that be but seems to go unheard…Disappointing as I have invested a lot of time to build this on Fiverr (as well as being a loyal buyer) and recommended so many to the platform.


I’ve countered the same issue.

Not certain for a similar issue or not but rather In search Im likewise not finding my Gig…

i’ve found your gig in the search engine…also your profile is visible when you search for it

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Thanks! How did you find it because really not having any luck at my end

I just typed your username

Don’t worry everything will be positive.

I’m confused. Your comment makes absolutely no sense in relation to the discussion within this topic. What are you trying to say, suggest, or advise? Can you be a little more clear in your comment?