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(SECRET) How I made 1500 USD in 3months from FIVERR account!

First of all, its not a huge amount but it made me happy :slight_smile:

The secret is:

First before creating a account I made a research on quality gigs of other sellers who were selling same services which I opted to sell.

then, I check the lowest price gig and highest price gigs on same niche.
Now the battle was to decide the pricing for my own gig. So, to beat the competition I decided to offer something really cheap which a highly rated seller was selling with a higher price.

Now, I made my first gig!
Researched, Keywords from Google and Fiverr
Wrote a good description keeping keywords and SEO in mind :slight_smile:
made quality gig images

and finally I published it ! check gig here - I Will Create Inbound Explainer Video Or Sale Video

Now, It made me 10days to make my first sale, but Social Network made it!
Sharing is Caring - I asked all my friends to share my gig, posted on FB groups, Youtube channels and Yahoo answers etc.

I am offering Whiteboard and Animations, explainer video services on Fiverr. And very happy about such a platform

Level 1 seller right now :slight_smile: walking towards TOP RATED SELLER

If you are struggling to make sales or having any queries, I would be happy to help you out :slight_smile:



Some helpful notes to take care of, Keep Going!


Good job. Now do it with my gig to make more than $1500 in ONE month.

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Thankyou :blush: I will post more updates soon!

thank you for the tips, especially the share on yahoo one :slight_smile: wish everybody luck

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Its really a great start. Keep going, before you know it, you’'ll get the Level 2 badge.

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Together we grow :slight_smile: sharing is caring

Keep posting about your experiences too

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wow…good job…what software do you use for your whiteboard?

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I am using Videoscribe, Explaindio and After Effects

Who made your avatar? (Or where did you get it from looks more suitable)

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You found a good niche that work for you. Keep it up

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I’m struggling to make my first sale. How do you do key word research? I usually just write down relevant key words.

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Thankyou! Got inspired from one Google image lol

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Yes! thanks a lot for this :slight_smile:

So you just downloaded someone’s work off of the internet. Ok. I will do a reverse image search then because I’d like to hire that artist. Really talented.

I also did not compliment you, no reason to thank me for asking a question.

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I google!
I go to certain forums
I read buyer requests! and then make relevant keywords!

Soon gonna make a thread on this, maybe it would be helpful

time will tell :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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Huh? :slight_smile:
(20 chars etc)

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I am so glad that I have passed by your forum, this will help me in my gigs thank you.
if you had more tips and secrets hopefully you will be able to share them. I really need help with this

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500 bucks a month on an average is good i remember i didn’t even make half of your amount :smiley: It means you do great work :d keep it up

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